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# A sample network pool 'public'
# The first non-blank, non-comment line must be the DNS server you would
# like to tell the VMs receiving addresses from this network pool to use.
# DNS server IP address (or 'none')
# The rest of the file's non-blank, non-comment lines are the addresses
# that will be leased out to VMs requesting this network.
# The only optional field is the MAC address. All others must be a valid
# entry or 'none'.
# The IP address and hostname fields may not be 'none'.
# If the gateway is 'none', no gateway is assigned.
# If broadcast or subnetmask are 'none' they are derived from the IP
# - based on the normal subnet and broadcast for the IP class (A,B,C)
# An explicit MAC address may be optionally specified for an entry. The
# MAC must be specified as six pairs of hex digits, separated by colons.
# If you do not specify a MAC, one will be automatically generated when
# Nimbus is started.
# A file containing sample DHCP entries is written by the Nimbus service
# to $NIMBUS_HOME/services/var/nimbus/dhcpd.entries
# This file contains the generated and explicit IP -> MAC mappings and
# can be included in your site DHCPD configuration. There is also a
# simple text mapping of IP -> MAC written to the ip_mac.txt file in the
# same directory.
# hostname ipaddress gateway broadcast subnetmask [MAC]
pub02 none none
pub03 A2:AA:BB:EE:5F:2A
pub05 none none
pub06 none none none
pub07 none
pub08 none
pub09 none
pub10 none
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