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# SSL certificate
# If these two files do not exist (relative to this conf file), they will be
# created on the fly when "bin/" is launched
# Alternatively, you can set your own absolute paths.
# The "ssl.key" file should be unreadable from other accounts.
ssl.cert: var/sslcert.pem
ssl.key: var/sslkey.pem
# CA dir
ca.dir: var/ca
# Port to run the standalone webserver on.
webserver.port: 1443
# Host to run the standalone webserver on.
# IP address or hostname, use to listen on all interfaces
# Print URL
# When full URLs are printed where the context is for outside use (for example
# a URL destined for an email) this is the exact base URL used. Forcing this
# to be what you want here seems better than trying to deduce, especially given
# all the scenarios the web application can be hosted in.
# Example: ""
print.url: https://localhost:1443/nimbus/
# Text that you want displayed on the (public) welcome screen, after the
# "If you do not have an account, " text on the "/nimbus/" web page.
account.prompt: please send an email requesting access to:
# Your preferred timezone.
# See:
timezone: America/Chicago
# The number of hours that initial login URLs will be valid. These are URLs
# that you can send to new users to initially create their account.
token.expire_hours: 12
# If debug is 'on', errors in the webapp will produce a ton of information in
# the browser and the standalone script framework will emit extra output.
debug: off
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