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Cumulus Quickstart
NOTE: This document is for use with Cumulus only installations. For
information on using Cumulus with a full Nimbus install please see
1) Install the software:
% ./ <path to installation location> [<path to a python install>]
Optionally you may provide a path to a python installation. Typically this is
the directory that contains ./bin/python (not the bin directory itself).
If this path is not provided a python virtual environment will be created.
2) Inspect the configuration settings in ~/.nimbus/cumulus.ini
3) Change to the install directory and start the server
% ./bin/cumulus
This will start the cumulus server with the options in ~/.nimbus/cumulus.ini
4) Create a new user
% ./bin/cumulus-add-user <email address or display name>
ID : eqe0YoRAs2GT1sDvPZKAU
password : S9Ii7QqcCQxDecrezMn6o5frSFvXhThYWmCE4S7nAf
quota : None
canonical_id : 048db304-6b4c-11df-897b-001de0a80259
Remember the ID and Key. The rest of the information can be ignored.
5) Configure s3cmd. s3cmd is a popular third party S3 client that can
be used against cumulus.
% cp ~/.s3cfg ~/.s3cfg.backup
% cp dot_s3cfg ~/.s3cfg
Now add your key and ID to ~/.s3cfg. Open the file and search for @@ID@@
and @@KEY@@. Replace those strings with the appropriate values.
6) Try some s3cmd operations
% s3cmd mb s3://TEST
% s3cmd put /etc/group s3://TEST/group
% s3cmd ls s3://TEST/
7) Run the tests
% cd tests
% ./
This will produce a lot of output. When it is complete the last line should
indicate it was successful by displaying:
Success : tests passed
If anything else is seen last it indicates that tests failed.
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