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…n there is one KVM virtual machine at a time on each VMM
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@@ -988,6 +988,22 @@ <h4>* Configure sudo:</h4>
Also note that there is a specific ebtables script for xen and kvm.
+ The Xen ebtables script is configured by default.
+ If you are using KVM, you must configure the ""
+ script in two places. First in the sudo rules so that it can be invoked
+ (see workspace-control's "sudo.conf" file for details). Second, in
+ workspace-control's "networks.conf" file.
+ <b>Note:</b> currently the KVM ebtables script can only support spoofing
+ protection when there is one KVM virtual machine running at a time on
+ each VMM node (this is the most common deployment configuration for sites
+ supporting science). Nimbus' Xen support allows many guest VMs to be
+ running while also ensuring there is no MAC and IP address spoofing.
You may need to comment out any "requiretty" setting in the sudoers policy:

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