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fixing the broken test.

when centralized dhcp was added assumptions made in this test changed.  I used some brute force to make it pass but i think it is legit.
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1 parent e902d72 commit 0e7a63df089aa1e1f75f0f5be7a143258174ad85 BuzzTroll committed Mar 31, 2011
2 control/src/python/workspacecontrol/defaults/
@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ def setup(self, nic_set):
for nic in nic_set.niclist():
if not nic.vifname:
raise InvalidInput("NIC object has no vifname")
if self.localdhcp and not nic.dhcpvifname:
5 control/src/python/workspacecontrol/main/
@@ -875,11 +875,16 @@ def test_network_security1():
# test that there is an error if that dhcpvifname is missing:
invalid_input = False
+ # force setting this to true. this test is from the days when local
+ # dhcp was default (and mandatory?)
+ netsecurity.localdhcp = True
except InvalidInput:
invalid_input = True
assert invalid_input
+ # setlocal dhcp back to false
+ netsecurity.localdhcp = False
# run nic_set through bootstrap, as intended

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