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Removed RC warning from docs header

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1 parent 483c685 commit 2ca5bde24e9df302fe7ed4663710eca1d17a350f @labisso labisso committed May 5, 2010
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@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ m4_dnl
m4_define([[[_NIMBUS_TP2_1_DEPRECATED',<br><h1><font color="red"><b>DEPRECATED</b>: The most recent version is <a href="/vm/TP2.2/index.html">Nimbus TP2.2</a></font></h1><br>)m4_dnl
m4_define([[[_NIMBUS_TP2_2_DEPRECATED',<!-- TP2.2 is the current version -->)m4_dnl
m4_define([[[_NIMBUS_2_3_DEPRECATED',<!-- 2.3 is the current version -->)m4_dnl
-m4_define([[[_NIMBUS_2_4_DEPRECATED',<!-- 2.4 is the current release candidate --><br><h2><font color="red"><b>Release candidate</b></font>: Stable version is <a href="">Nimbus 2.3</a>. The 2.4 RC documentation is <a href="">here</a></h2><br>)m4_dnl
+m4_define([[[_NIMBUS_2_4_DEPRECATED',<!-- 2.4 is the current version -->)m4_dnl
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