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timf committed Oct 14, 2010
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@@ -17,6 +17,18 @@ Run this command to build, install, and configure Nimbus to a specified path:
./install /path/to/destination
+NOTE: This is an interactive program, you will be asked a few questions at
+ the end.
+Run this command to do the same thing but use a previously installed Nimbus
+service as the basis for the configuration of the new one.
+ ./install-from /path/to/old/install /path/to/destination
+NOTE: 1) This will only work if the old install is Nimbus 2.5 or higher.
+ 2) The old installation needs to be taken offline first and no VMs
+ should be running.
Advanced users may also want to build and deploy to an existing GT4.0
container. Refer to the readme and scripts in the `scripts/` directory
for more information.
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