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These rules get rid of most of the noise in "git status" when working…

… on the webapp

You will still unfortunately see the following.

  deleted:    web/lib/java/nimbusweb.empty.marker
  deleted:    web/lib/python/cherrypy/nimbusweb.empty.marker
  deleted:    web/lib/python/django/nimbusweb.empty.marker
  modified:   web/var/nimbus.sqlite

This will not work with something like "git add ." you will first need to run:


That will get you to the point where all changed files show up perfectly in
"git status" but the point of the gitignore rules in this commit is to make
the "git status" during regular development "un-terrible."
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Tim Freeman
Tim Freeman committed Nov 19, 2009
1 parent 7244f83 commit 72a257e7d235d2fafece3019dae87e782b0ea70a
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