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@@ -75,6 +75,14 @@ To install LANTorrent you must take the following steps:
- run: python install. This will output the contents of
the xinetd configuration file that you will need in the next step.
+ [optional] You may want to setup a python virtual environment for
+ the installation.
+ To do this, run: virtualenv /path_to_install_lantorrent
+ Then, use the /path_to_install_lantorrent/bin/python binary
+ instead of your system python.
+ [optional] If you don't have Internet connectivity on the VMM, you
+ will have to manually install the simplejson library from source
+ (in the virtual env if you chose to create one).
4) install lantorrent into xinetd
- the above step outputs and xinetd file like this:
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