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Updated context broker setup docs for 2.3

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enable <a href="../clouds/clusters.html">one click clusters</a>.
- The new TP2.2 broker (see <a href="#context-broker">above</a>)
- is installed separately from Nimbus, there is not a
+ The new broker (see <a href="#context-broker">above</a>)
+ is installed by default with Nimbus 2.3, but there is not a
dependency on any Nimbus service component. It can run by itself in a
container. You can use it for deploying virtual clusters on EC2 for
example without any other Nimbus service running (the cloud client #11 has
an "ec2script" option that will allow you to do this).
+ If you want to install the broker separately from Nimbus, download the
+ Nimbus source tarball, extract it, and run
+ <i>bin/</i> with an appropriate
+ <b>$GLOBUS_LOCATION</b> set.
To set up a NEW broker that is compatible with post-010 cloud clients,
follow these steps:
@@ -1944,12 +1950,6 @@
- Install the broker by setting <b>$GLOBUS_LOCATION</b> and then
- running the included <i></i> script.
- </p>
- </li>
- <li>
- <p>
Navigate to "<i>$GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/nimbus-context-broker</i>"
and adjust the "caCertPath" and "caKeyPath" parameters in the
"<i>jndi-config.xml</i>" file to point to the CA certificate

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