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- <b>Problem</b>: the way libvirt uses Xen, it is not possible to quickly set up a dedicated account that has administrator access to the hypervisor. If you adjust the permissions on the unix domain socket Xen can be controlled with, it does not result in the right setup. To work around this issue there seem to be two OK options:
+ <b>Note</b>: the best instructions exist for libvirt permissions setup
+ in the <a href="/docs/2.5/admin/z2c/vmm-setup.html#libvirtperms">2.5 instructions</a>.
- <li>
- <p>Set up the Xend daemon to accept TCP traffic but limit to localhost traffic from a specific account. This can be accomplished using iptables and the uid-owner rule (limit INPUT traffic to the port from localhost, limit any local OUTPUT to that localhost:port to specific users).</p>
- </li>
- <li>
- <p>Make workspace-control a wrapper program that inserts sudo arguments before invoking the real workspace-control.</p>
- </li>
<a name="test-kvm"> </a>
<h4>* Test KVM: _NAMELINK(test-kvm)</h4>

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