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@@ -611,22 +611,8 @@ <h2>Security _NAMELINK(security)</h2>
Say that the base directory on the repository node is "/cloud", you will
- need to create a directory for each DN based on the hash. For easy tracking
- purposes, the recommendation for the unix account and group is to use the
- hash for each.
- Recognizing that this burdens the administrator, we are planning on adding
- SAML based authorization support. In this configuration, the
- cloud client will (transparent to the human user) get a SAML assertion
- from the workspace service and present it to the GridFTP server for access.
- The SAML authorization statement restricts that client's rights to only
- reading and writing their personal files.
- This allows for a lot less administrative overhead when adding cloud users.
- Currently we are waiting on
- <a href="">this
- GridFTP work</a> to be completed.
+ need to create a directory for each DN based on the hash. It is recommended that you use
+ the cloud-admin program for this (see next section).

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