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Revert "adding documentation to describe the new template system."

This reverts commit b9585ec.

We forgot to branch off 2.7 docs before adding 2.8 doc info. Fixing
this branching 2.7 docs and reverting a few 2.8 specific commits.
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<a href="#backfill-and-spot-instances">Backfill and spot instances</a>
- <li>
- <p>
- <a href="#libvirttemplate">libvirt template and virtio</a>
- </p>
- </li>
@@ -2346,26 +2341,6 @@
then start the service and the backfill configuration will recalibrate.
-<a href="#libvirttemplate">libvirt template and virtio</a>
-<a name="libvirttemplate"> </a>
-<h2>libvirt template and virtio</h2>
-The submission of VMs to the hypervisor (with Xen or KVM) is done by Nimbus
-via libvirt. Then submitting to libvirt the VM run request is described
-in an xml file. This file has many potential customizations depending on
-the feature set supported by a particular VMM. Many of the values are
-dynamically determined by Nimbus, however a site admin may want to add their
-own custom optimizations.
-The xml used for every VM submission is generated from a template found
-in the workspace control installation at:
-<tt class="literal">
-Admins can add site specific optimizations (like virtio) to this template.
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