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1 parent 2a65078 commit aa9ddbabcc969ae172376ae54f2601aeb9ece280 @timf timf committed Jul 11, 2010
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@@ -73,14 +73,13 @@ echo "-----------------------------------------------------------------"
echo " Nimbus installation succeeded!"
echo "-----------------------------------------------------------------"
echo ""
-echo "However, additional configuration may be necessary:"
+echo "Refer to the Zero To Cloud Guide for setup instructions:"
+echo ""
echo ""
-echo " To run the auto-configuration program, launch:"
-echo " $NIMBUS_HOME/services/share/nimbus-autoconfig/"
+echo "Additional configuration may be necessary:"
echo ""
-echo "Refer to the Administrator Guide for details:"
-echo ""
+echo " To run the auto-configuration program, launch:"
+echo " $NIMBUS_HOME/bin/nimbus-configure --autoconfig"
echo ""
echo "You can start/stop Nimbus services with the nimbusctl command. e.g:"
echo " $NIMBUS_HOME/bin/nimbusctl start"

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