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remivng the test for an empty repo, most of the tests are leaving aro…

…und cruft so this will only work if it is run in the right order
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commit ba2bd2377c0322dccabd8cda6a9d26507a4073d4 1 parent d3a0637
@buzztroll buzztroll authored
Showing with 0 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +0 −6 tests/
6 tests/
@@ -74,12 +74,6 @@ def tearDown(self):
if self.db != None:
- def test_ec2_list_empty(self):
- images = self.ec2conn.get_all_images()
- self.assertEqual(len(images), 0, "should be no images listed %d" % len(images))
def test_ec2_list_upload(self):
# obviously this will not work if the default name changes
bucket = self.s3conn.get_bucket("Repo")
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