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Commits on Dec 28, 2009
  1. @labisso

    Disabled broker load on startup.

    labisso authored
    Allows container to run without configuring broker.
  2. @labisso

    Minor broker build fixes.

    labisso authored
    Fixed output bug in broker build script.
    Upped JDK version requirement to 1.5+
Commits on Oct 1, 2009
  1. @labisso
  2. @labisso
  3. @labisso

    Fixed bug in Blackboard with early return when not all identities are…

    labisso authored
    … required Added/improved Blackboard unit tests, almost a full suite now
  4. @labisso
  5. @labisso

    Started unit tests for Blackboard Tested some error conditions and si…

    labisso authored
    …ngle-node contexts so far Also, some minor cleanups
  6. @labisso

    Assorted cleanups

    labisso authored
  7. @labisso
  8. @labisso
  9. @labisso

    Finished Blackboard#retrieve()

    labisso authored
    Removed a lot of (hopefully) unnecessary code that fell out of earlier CB refactor
  10. @labisso

    factoring progress

    labisso authored
  11. @labisso

    Worked on factoring out all axis types from Blackboard Got most of ad…

    labisso authored
    …dWorkspace() done It is bbbbbbroken..
  12. @labisso

    Some cleanups, generifications, etc Committing seperately from all th…

    labisso authored
    …e breaking changes I'm about to make
  13. @labisso

    Added <image> override to clusterdeploy_Type. Created clusterdeployme…

    labisso authored
    …nt_Type (deployment document root element).
  14. @labisso
Commits on Sep 30, 2009
  1. Initial broker (TP2.2)

    Tim Freeman authored
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