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Aug 02, 2010
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes -Renamed Spot Instances references (SIRequest, SIManager, etc) to Asy…
…nchronous Requests in order to acomodate backfill requests

-Added support to backfill requests
-Fixed tests
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes -added RM API support to backfill requests
-renamed SI related classes to Async
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes fixed and improved tests 939faa6
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' into spotinstances c5cffa3
Aug 03, 2010
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes -Renamed package org.globus.workspace.spotinstances to org.globus.wor…

-Refactored spotinstances.conf
-Few refactoring
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes fixed tests fb6b84b
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' into spotinstances b2f96e9
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes some refactoring 4faef89
Aug 04, 2010
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes updated ec2 schema from v2009_08_15 to v2010_06_15 efa8d13
Aug 05, 2010
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes changed si.basic.mem property to si.instancetype (small, large, xlarg…
…e) in spotinstances.conf file
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes minor modifications in RequestInfo and RequestState d37b3b5
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes added sshkeyName to AsyncRequest a666110
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes support to EC2 requestSpotInstances a61859c
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes fixed test suites 02ea4ff
Aug 07, 2010
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes Created support class for Cancel Spot Instance Requests operation e7ebf00
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes Created support class for Describe Spot Instance Requests operation 04357f1
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes Created support class for Describe Spot Price History operation 06500b3
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes made getGroupStub() method static 996f3ca
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes refactored RequestSI class 2bd7363
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes added EC2 support to describe SI, cancel SI and describe spot price h…
Aug 08, 2010
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes updated test suites 2cfee55
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes renamed method describeSpotPriceHistoryResponseType to describeSpotPr…
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes Added support to Spot Instance operations on Query Interface 09fd4c7
Aug 09, 2010
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes refactoring in ResourceAllocation and DataConvert 24db467
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes Added instanceLifeCycle and SpotInstanceRequestID attributes to Descr…
…ibeInstances response
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' into spotinstances cb5e0dc
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes fixed constructor df1f32e
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes updated schema version in server config file cbba4f7
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes fixed typo e9d36c0
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes added unimplemented operations from ec2 schema v2010-06-15 945fc36
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes missing unimplemented operation from v2010-06-15 b7303ff
Aug 10, 2010
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes fixed SI type bug in DefaultResourceAllocations and improved spotinst…
…ances.conf file
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes minor bug fix 14fb1a4
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes fixed MultiValuedMap parameters 5efba92
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes Not trashing VMs from spot instance request after it is canceled (in …
…order to conform to EC2 spec)
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes fixed and improved test suite 25ea860
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes added authorization logging 4c461a8
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes added equals method to DefaultCaller and fixed log type in Delegating…
Aug 12, 2010
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes fixed id mapping bug 9805572
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes minor fix 9fa1bd0
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes Spot Instances boto test suite for Nimbus 41d6e35
Aug 14, 2010
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes AsyncRequestManager is now retrieving previous spot price during init 8c153c0
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes minor fixes 720c744
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes fixed bugs 3a6c23c
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes changed default minimum reserved memory 2309e5e
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes improved ec2 test suite 892e0e5
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes fixed minor bug e37e5c2
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes Moved network binding to after scheduling 60afde5
Aug 16, 2010
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes minor correction 1a8f3f8
Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes some javadoc 5e1cb4b
Nov 08, 2010
Tim Freeman giving 2.5 docs a pointer to most recent docs dcc7f37
Tim Freeman do not use term 'deprecated' f417441
Nov 09, 2010
Tim Freeman note about GCJ e25dad3
Nov 10, 2010
Tim Freeman notes on local/laptop pilot development 5136340
Tim Freeman link to contributor's license 5dfd12b
Tim Freeman html in the screen div... ff53350
Tim Freeman moving to new scheme for alerting readers they are looking at old rel…
…ease docs
Tim Freeman s/RC1// 6c1a638
Nov 11, 2010
David LaBissoniere Added note about REST broker port configuration ff3e346
Nov 12, 2010
David LaBissoniere Improved formatting of LT setup docs 1373e4e
David LaBissoniere LANTorrent actually requires py2.5+ 8917a3c
Nov 14, 2010
Tim Freeman wrong markdown syntax e99652f
Tim Freeman Initial merge of Paulo Gomes' spotinstances Google Summer of Code con…
…tribution: hard conflicts included in this commit.

Tim Freeman Exposing NodeManagement in the RMAPI, allows other ways to communicat…
…e to it (in this case it was for test suites to alter the resource pool dynamically
Tim Freeman DB schema and prepared stmt manual merge bb7ea66
Tim Freeman most resource pool related changes b45edbf
Tim Freeman necessary suites.common changes a9d155d
Tim Freeman necessary suites.basic changes 7c42d6b
Tim Freeman one suites.spotinstances change is to remove noresources distinction,…
… this will be done programmatically
Nov 15, 2010
Tim Freeman some of the necessary suites.spotinstances changes 5dd69f1
Tim Freeman Adding calculateMaxVMs() here allows for the late pickup of resources…
… that are not available at init (they used to be known at init before Nimbus 2.6). Note that this only makes the singleRequest() test work, not the others.
David LaBissoniere Do our own URL parsing for LT propagation.
Python urlparse comes up short again, especially on Py 2.4
David LaBissoniere Added timestamps to LT logs, cleaner logfile names ca3a81a
David LaBissoniere Typo in LT tempfile suffix c7e5e14
David LaBissoniere Removed unrelated header comments from xinetd tmpl
Also removed old virga inet file
Nov 16, 2010
Tim Freeman Added getVMMReport() to Manager API, mainly for inspecting from trick…
…y scheduler tests
Tim Freeman Support for better test output 9a81ff1
Tim Freeman Make the warning more visible cd0c797
Tim Freeman Added 'SYNCHRONIZED ISSUE' note where the locking issue occurs. Exerc…
…ise by right-clicking SimplestSISuite and 'Run' or set breakpoint there and use 'Debug' instead
Tim Freeman New locking scheme for DefaultSlotManagement. SimplestSISuite now pas…
Nov 17, 2010
David LaBissoniere Proposed workaround for buggy Xen/libvirt VM state
The default Xen/libvirt on RHEL5 occasionally reports VMs as DOM_STATE_NOSTATE. The cause is not clear but anecdotally it seems to be related to multiple VMs running on a node. Previously, ws-control treated these VMs as not found which led to zombie VMs. 

This change causes info() calls to report such VMs as known but without a state.
Tim Freeman refresh caches as well 5b268a4
Tim Freeman increase signal/noise in test output fc83124
Nov 18, 2010
refactor to preserve sanity. ee53c59
conflict resolution
Merge branch 'master' of

only not blocking on the 1 needed recv call. let sendall do its thing. 2b4a46c
Nov 19, 2010
Tim Freeman Tests were checking too early b8aea20
David LaBissoniere Added multiple-subnet support to metadata server fc749ea
David LaBissoniere Added support for /latest target in metadata query
Also added more list responses of available resources. e.g. /latest will return:

And /latest/meta-data/ will return:

Closes GH-9.
Nov 23, 2010
Tim Freeman Some additions to the developer section 03ecea7
Tim Freeman html formatting issues dcd6d74
Tim Freeman few more doc issues a3fb274
Tim Freeman html formatting issue (I can feel that look, David) 5524ea3
Nov 29, 2010
David LaBissoniere Quickstart updates 0d07e2e
Dec 01, 2010
David LaBissoniere Working on new admin walkthrough document 5f794cb
Dec 02, 2010
David LaBissoniere More admin walkthrough 06e01c7
Tim Freeman no <tt> 1fe7033
Tim Freeman har har har 4e5aeab
Tim Freeman Thanks Pierre, this was important :-) 9b5edd2
David LaBissoniere Added link to admin walkthrough in index page 7010925
Dec 09, 2010
resolving: 292a4e6
Merge branch 'master' of 6ada85e
patch for: a6972c5
David LaBissoniere Added query interface support for signature ver 1
Closes GH-17
David LaBissoniere Walkthrough fixes I forgot to commit earlier c9f2d32
David LaBissoniere Simple test for query interface v1 signatures 36f7bf1
David LaBissoniere Oops, forgot self 46e6906
Dec 10, 2010
patch for 915b447
Merge branch 'master' of 3b9243a
David LaBissoniere Make query interface XML more like EC2
but hybridfox still doesn't work entirely...
adding prettier logging bf94a0e
Dec 11, 2010
Tim Freeman Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into finalspot e0008f4
Dec 13, 2010
Tim Freeman incorporation of backfill.conf and representation of backfill as SI '…
forming error object with old variables 7054bae
Merge branch 'master' of e7e0dac
protecting /dev/null 28da588
David LaBissoniere More EC2 query interface XML compatibility fixes
The expected API version is now reported regardless of the actual schema in use. This is convenient and dangerous.
badpatch 3a51ce6
Merge branch 'master' of 792111f
Dec 14, 2010
David LaBissoniere Added readme, changelog, and license to ctx-agent a6e239f
David LaBissoniere Added missing parenthesis 14c0d74
Dec 15, 2010
David LaBissoniere Fixed support for POSTed EC2 query parameter lists
They were only working for GET queries, oops.

Closes GH-21.
David LaBissoniere No @Override on interfaces in Java 5
Should check for this elsewhere?
David LaBissoniere Updated ec2 schema to 2010-08-31 31a2fda
David LaBissoniere Thread clientToken value through to RM API
Early piece of idempotency support
Dec 17, 2010
David LaBissoniere CreationManager side of idempotency
Now need implementation of interfaces
David LaBissoniere Idempotent creation works, minus persistence 74adc20
Dec 20, 2010
Patrick Armstrong Add locking to workspace pilot 289e5ab
Patrick Armstrong Implement simple proxy copying in service and client 80c6f68
Patrick Armstrong Cleanup service changes for copying a proxy 976d954
Patrick Armstrong Add https pulling with x509 credential to workspace control 12b45e5
Patrick Armstrong Add persistance and clean up credential copying.
Also do some cleanup.
Patrick Armstrong Change arguments to prop-extra-args to play nicely with other uses
Just in case someone else ever uses prop-extra-args for anything. Other
wc arguments seem to use the 'argument;argument;argument' format, so
repeat that here.
Patrick Armstrong Refactor CustomizationNeed to FileCopyNeed.
This way it can also be used for files that need to be copied to the VMM
node at Propagate time (credentials).

This also means that files that are contexed in are copied at
propagation time, rather than start time, as in the past.
Patrick Armstrong Fix restarting gzipped images.
Since the files will have been unzipped in a previous start attempt,
they will fail on a second attempt unless we check that they've already
been unzipped.
Patrick Armstrong Merge branch 'copyproxyandhttps' cee6e2f
Patrick Armstrong Allow multiple CPU architectures to be permitted 831246a
Patrick Armstrong Merge branch 'multiplecpuarchs' e33acdb
Patrick Armstrong Add http and https to the default list of passthrough schemes.
You'll still have to enable them in global-policies.conf
David LaBissoniere hmm. 286 line file for a class that holds 7 values e9ae0a7
David LaBissoniere Idempotent instance creation improvements & tests 1b2bcfb
Dec 21, 2010
David LaBissoniere Threaded clientToken through more repr classes
Added to resources persistence and schema
David LaBissoniere More idempotent creation tests, fixes 4b1d6b1
David LaBissoniere Real persistence for idempotent launches
Feature is done, but I'd like to add some external boto tests to exercise via EC2 interface
Dec 22, 2010
David LaBissoniere Translate clientToken in EC2 responses 9ca1261
David LaBissoniere EC2-level idempotency tests and fixes
Problem: idempotency support is not present in released version of boto, tested with dev version.
David LaBissoniere Adjusted elastic ID mgmt for idempotent launches
We cannot assume that the IDs in a CreateResult are new anymore. The response could from be a repeated idempotent request.
David LaBissoniere More RM-level idempotency tests to be safe 03714a0
David LaBissoniere More elastic interface tests and fixes
Ok, NOW I think idempotency support is done. And there are plenty of tests to support that claim.
Dec 27, 2010
David LaBissoniere Moved python check to earlier in install script.
Prevents one more case where user ends up with a partial install.
David LaBissoniere Added service dependency check script b2d6fad
David LaBissoniere gcj writes version info to stdout, sun to stderr c57af92
David LaBissoniere Fixed py2.5ism in dependency script 31ac5ab
list out the to be rebased files so that the cursor object is closed 258f514
Dec 28, 2010
Tim Freeman Closes GH-22, see class notes in DefaultIDMgmtProxy 63281b6
David LaBissoniere Added rename count output to cumulus-rebase 2adaba2
David LaBissoniere Updated bundled to 1.5.1
Closes GH-13.
David LaBissoniere Removed set -e from
Bash 4.x changes the behavior of "( cmd )" statements under set -e. Previously these commands would not trigger an exit but with 4.x they do. relied on the old behavior to ensure that umount is called even if the alter fails. Other commands in the script are checked for success, so we are safe in removing set -e.

Closes GH-18.
Tim Freeman merge metadata related changes to test suites 04f638f
Tim Freeman some IDEA nonsense f1b6b0e
Tim Freeman Merge remote branch 'origin/idem' into finalspot 5b887be
Tim Freeman Merge branch 'master' into finalspot
David LaBissoniere Added updated EC2 schema wsdl
Forgot to commit earlier thanks to .gitignore
Tim Freeman updated the IDMappings proxy to match 7dfb1b3
Tim Freeman test suites up to date with recent conf/db changes 77ea333
Tim Freeman db snags, BasicSuite now passing 6f6fd8d
Tim Freeman The spotinstances tests unfortunately need this part commented out so…
… the confs are not identical (also, authz-callout-ACTIVE.xml is disabled)
Tim Freeman Callers assume a zero length array here if there are no file needs a81c983
Dec 29, 2010
Tim Freeman updated ehcache version 1.5.0 -> 2.3.1 dc5f788
Dec 30, 2010
Tim Freeman SI/backfill: persistence, deadlocks, and configuration issues. 6102029
Tim Freeman version bumps 0b4bc32
David LaBissoniere First draft of 2.7 changelog 77034e0
David LaBissoniere .idea stuff. ignore docs/html/ 144ab77
David LaBissoniere 2.7 documentation version bumps bd2f49c
David LaBissoniere Changelog fixes 29afd9b
Jan 03, 2011
Tim Freeman Account for the charge ratio in all the correct places. Spot price ha…
…s a convention of being between 0 and 1, this is implemented as a ratio of real minutes charged vs. wall clock.
Jan 04, 2011
Tim Freeman Tests pass after this change. Seems they shouldn't be non-zero after …
…cancellation, would be good for Paulo to look.
Tim Freeman Added ability to disable spot instances, backfill, or both. 697a850
Tim Freeman Added note about going back to disabled once enabled. 386c6ed
Tim Freeman Added note about going back to disabled once enabled. 3dc9253
Tim Freeman Notes on the conf differences in spotinstance test suites. 0de3a03
Tim Freeman The backfill user is now configurable (used for repo location) ca11ed1
Tim Freeman Confirmation from Paulo, re: 08b5742 b8253b9
Jan 05, 2011
David LaBissoniere Validate length of idem clientToken in request a7b85e9
Tim Freeman Consolidated all backfill and spot settings to async.conf and moved t…
…he backfill submitter to 'org.globus.workspace.async'
Tim Freeman Moving this logic to a lower level Java module so Backfill will be ab…
…le to construct the same requests as SI.
Tim Freeman Adjust backfill to launch the same instance types as SI is configured…
… to do.
David LaBissoniere don't catch SystemExit in bt ssh setup
how did this ever work? Seems like it would always exit 1
Tim Freeman raise not pass, a common SystemExit idiom bf7cd9d
David LaBissoniere Fix boto tests to use connection-level terminate()
boto 1.9 -> 2.0 involved renaming Instance.stop() to terminate(). This
way we can support both versions.
Tim Freeman The change to allow multiple arches at once (831246a) broke the resou…
…rce property advertisement. Fixed.
Tim Freeman This starts to get spammy 6f85840
Jan 06, 2011
Tim Freeman Better defaults for running time e23da51
Tim Freeman docs for backfill/spot (spot client guide coming next) 3c422fd
Tim Freeman This option is only applicable if you are coming from Nimbus 2.5, the…
…re is a different path for 2.6
Tim Freeman These log statements were too high priority 9fb979d
Tim Freeman This option is only applicable if you are coming from Nimbus 2.5, the…
…re is a different path for 2.6
Tim Freeman Migrated Paulo's user document to html 2c5acec
Tim Freeman link to backfill/spot docs 80abeb2
Tim Freeman ToC entry for admin reference 025b24d
Jan 10, 2011
Tim Freeman Clear up why is used and not dir…
Jan 13, 2011
Tim Freeman Link to release procedures d51da26
Jan 18, 2011
Pierre Riteau Bundle the lantorrent code in the nimbus-controls tarball
Also update the documentation to remove the now unnecessary installation
Jan 24, 2011
updating the doc the show a dependency on py 2.5. There is a problem …
…with hmac and sha1 in 2.4
Jan 26, 2011
fixing bug: 1dba047
Feb 02, 2011
Patrick Armstrong Fix help message in nimbus-remove-user. 3aa6d7f
Feb 03, 2011
Tim Freeman Closes GH-26, problem was expectation of fixed size instance types cl…
…ashed with arbitrary sized memory requests from the alternate protocol
David LaBissoniere Cleanups to idempotency, added debug logging
Fixed one issue where the response to ec2-run-instances with an already-terminated instance broke the command line tool because there was no creation time. Now it returns a fake time instead.
David LaBissoniere Fixed issue causing NPE in ec2-api-tools
(in ec2-describe-images)
adding a note about the issue here: eb46dc5
adding bug fixes to the change log 87330f5
Merge branch 'master' of 035ddf9
David LaBissoniere Added comments to main.xml about disabling idem
Also fixed a shameful omission of imports in last commit.
adding doc and an example script on how to convert from 2.6 to 2.7 ce1b52f
Merge branch 'master' of c2a4f93
iversion bump 84f27cb
Feb 04, 2011
adding a script to build and test the release tarballs c4f8887
passes first phase 08431c7
Patrick Armstrong Cast parsed port to integer before passing to httplib in https adapter cc2d8de
David LaBissoniere Fixed bug in running user-selected kernels
file:// prefix was not being stripped before comparision.
Closes GH-27.
testing tarballs should work now d60538b
Merge branch 'master' of git:// d3ed7dd
Feb 07, 2011
changing the log level of an error f370bb7
adding other fixed bugs and RC2 tags 7c59b1a
Merge branch 'master' of ace5c6b
changing the releaes version 34e6cbc
Feb 10, 2011
adding data file to cumulus so that the source code is not zipped in …
…the egg

work arounds for eternal upload bug
setting socket level timeout to infitiy. might be causing timeouts on…
… close
adding a docs dir 6853cd4
adjusting the directory e18f694
porrly formed fixed ea3ddd7
need to specify doc dir 978119e
bug fix bc5ba93
cannot reset md5 there.
need to figure out just what to do with the seek command.
value need seems to be 1 8ffc6e6
throw an error on the second seek. Twisted should be closing the conn…
…ection if it is respecting the headers so this should be safe
bad string 33e05e7
Feb 11, 2011
fixing use of seconds when milliseconds expected 5728131
attempting to fix the 100% progress bar issue da50d2b
fix 99% (instead of 100%) bug 0721aa0
adding starting and stopping of the right nimbus servers e7b4792
moving the example program 166c00d
changing title c18ddeb
Feb 14, 2011
opensuse spits out an escape sequence when readline is imported. This…
… causes trouble for the config programs
test suite changes that were not copied back in b9829db
script to download, extract, and then run tests on tarballs 22ff52d
Feb 15, 2011
updatting change log for cloud client f9e45a0
upping the cloud client version 14e7bb0
Tim Freeman maintain pattern 36c8b7d
Tim Freeman Upping version to final 2.7 01c0afa