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Apr 19, 2011
some patching e43728e
adding templates for other doc place holders 1fa983d
adding potential diagram 235c692
adding new image to git b977298
Apr 20, 2011
new intro page, new diagram for cloudinit.d b7ddc7d
converting cloudinit.html to a description of a service a62bdb4
spell check 08196ac
removing bad link a38a14f
resising the image b49e09a
removing lovely spelling underline from image 357f93a
renaming, removing cloudinitd from page name
moving diagram up a bit
linking some info in 65850f0
adding an index 420d2bb
Apr 25, 2011
more doc to cloudinit.d landing page 77aa0c5
Apr 26, 2011
potenital patch for: df26459
adding a test for the more than 1000 historical entries and a changel…
…og entry
Merge branch 'fgbuzz1' 47734fc
adding documentation to describe the new template system. b9585ec
potential patch for #44 7d20488
adding in the tacc ca policies dd1d380
including .txt in the file search c13af7e
Apr 27, 2011
adding information about downloading and installing 1dd0184
doc updates.
testing out a change to the headers.
more doc edits. i need to figure out how the second header works d8c3e5a
spell check 590a07e
Apr 30, 2011
Pierre Riteau Correct the proposed configuration for qemu.conf
When QEMU runs as root, we need clear_emulator_capabilities to be set to 0 in
order to access the virtual machine image owned by nimbus.

Also propose another configuration where QEMU runs as the nimbus user, which
should be more secure.
May 03, 2011
updating the workpress example e1e290b
Merge branch 'master' of f5ea10a
using a different type of media file da445b9
May 06, 2011
Tim Freeman changelog clean cce0bc6
updating the cloud client version number f2b467c
Patrick Armstrong Add credential argument to unpropagation 1abc227
May 09, 2011
Patrick Armstrong Add https unpropagation support to workspace control 5212356
May 11, 2011
Patrick Armstrong Merge pull request #48 from nimbusproject/unprophttp
Add HTTPS unpropagation support
Patrick Armstrong Merge pull request #32 from nimbusproject/pilot_updates
Pilot updates
John Bresnahan removing the r0s. Users that want them should run fetch_url (or the l…
…ike) with the crl_url files as input
John Bresnahan Merge branch 'master' of 5e0fafd
May 13, 2011
John Bresnahan updating the cloud client changelog 3e1ca7d
John Bresnahan spelling error in changelog 4c9c3cc
May 16, 2011
David LaBissoniere Updated cloud client version references in docs 9cab511
May 17, 2011
David LaBissoniere made RemotingServer more friendly to test suites
It relied on some static code that was not friendly to repeated calls in the same JVM.
David LaBissoniere Fixed problem backing out VMM memory allocation
Related to #46 but may not solve it entirely. The `in_use` check just compares memory available to max memory and there could be other sitations which cause a leak of VMM memory use.

It happens when an exception is raised during NIC binding (such as a NIC requesting a nonexistent network). No attempt was made to back out the scheduled reservation. Solved by doing NIC binding before scheduling but I'm not totally clear on any side effects this might have.
David LaBissoniere Another effort at issue #46. Better VM backout.
Order of NIC binding and scheduling apparently matters. Reworked backout logic to pass down
required values (memory, cores, etc) through scheduler and slot management since they cannot
be resolved from WorkspaceHome at the time of backout.

In general a pretty ugly solution.
May 18, 2011
John Bresnahan Merge branch 'master' of 5854392
John Bresnahan patch for GH-39 cf96ce4
May 19, 2011
David LaBissoniere Remove py2.5ism in workspace-control da558ec
John Bresnahan repackaging lantorrent to be more pythonic 8d187ea
John Bresnahan doc changes for the new lantorrent system e6defe9
John Bresnahan repackaged lantorrent to be more pythonic 8aad6a6
John Bresnahan adding new install script 818becc
John Bresnahan adding in all the new files cf0535c
John Bresnahan adding in empty nosetests dir fae8ce9
John Bresnahan Merge branch 'ltrepackage' 74f3378
John Bresnahan working out test suite issues dd7fb90
May 20, 2011
John Bresnahan upgrade to boto20 a67658b
May 23, 2011
John Bresnahan test passing for boto2.0 upgrade 86d344a
John Bresnahan updating the cumulus build process for boto2.0 upgrade 4a88e02
May 25, 2011
David LaBissoniere Cleaned up EC2 keypair situation
Implemented ImportKeyPair operation. Left our nonstandard CreateKeyPair behavior, but disabled.
Closes #36
John Bresnahan adding caching 3542f9d
John Bresnahan adding the copy propagation candidate f588fc3
John Bresnahan adding lock file to git 3a3a93c
John Bresnahan adding db support for caching 012f45a
John Bresnahan bad syntax 9286252
John Bresnahan strange jenkins breakage... 1af382d
John Bresnahan Im not sure why this is only breaking on jenkins. should have broke l…
…ocally too
John Bresnahan this should do it 7047f09
May 26, 2011
John Bresnahan disabling caching by default 94da50f
John Bresnahan removing author tag automatically added by pycharm bd5065a
Tim Freeman blankcreate had inconsistent comment format c0a1da9
Tim Freeman match arg name c754c35
Tim Freeman !author 5811060
Tim Freeman added nfs comment and made bullets ac86ae5
Tim Freeman introduce max_size from conf and an error message if !int 24dafd9
Tim Freeman moved propagation_cache module 52c655f
Tim Freeman unreal d576e31
John Bresnahan ording based on mtime not ctime 8ec4057
John Bresnahan allow users to specify alternative lock location for cache afb9a7d
John Bresnahan ording list before giving it back to the user 3924c41
John Bresnahan removing the file location (it should be more of a hidden option) c85642e
John Bresnahan diagnostic messages for jenkins 5b06e5f
John Bresnahan long sleeps for distros with i second tiem gran baafcbe
Patrick Armstrong Switch to BSD-style mktemp flag for bt 6a0f86c
May 27, 2011
John Bresnahan only get md5sum for cumulus urls dd67306
John Bresnahan Merge branch 'master' of e788d58
John Bresnahan adding a new propagation adapter. dcb8b0f
John Bresnahan pierre beat jenkin's on this one. 4eecdf3
John Bresnahan adding github urls to tarballs be004e2
John Bresnahan checkout from github 44df5d2
John Bresnahan trying to test out copy adapter 09e8c07
John Bresnahan copy tests 5affef0
John Bresnahan pychecker output f488bae
May 28, 2011
Pierre Riteau Fix typos in the new LANTorrent documentation 63760b5
John Bresnahan Merge branch 'master' of 4396cf3
John Bresnahan copy propagation passing tests initial tests. 46bbee1
John Bresnahan proxy not needed for this test and its existance causes problem for t…
…ests run non the same machine
Jun 01, 2011
Tim Freeman ignore untracked files 11811d9
Tim Freeman ignore untracked files e67f222
Jun 02, 2011
Tim Freeman Delete the RMI sockets, these can be leftover. Recreate the privilege…
…d var dir each time.
Jun 03, 2011
Tim Freeman Added new suites module 'failure' and added a mock destruction task t…
…hat can be controlled from test suite
Tim Freeman near-copy of all the conf files from the basic suite 00996bd
Tim Freeman Delete the RMI sockets, these can be leftover. Recreate the privilege…
…d var dir each time.
Tim Freeman update to latest TestNG 0e63df0
Tim Freeman The shutdown->termination delay needs to be short for the tests eba4633
Tim Freeman The sweeper period needs to be shorter for the tests ed4f2cf
Tim Freeman Introduction of DestroySucceeded and DestroyFailed, support for termi…
…nation retries. Added TerminationSuite tests. Closes GH-56
Jun 05, 2011
Tim Freeman Adjustments to get DirtiesContext working from same JVM. Delete all r…
…ows in database instead of full wipe -- otherwise Derby has issues reconnecting.
Tim Freeman TestNG xml for each test suite, so it can run from commandline bfb615b
Tim Freeman Script and ant system to run test suites from commandline and generat…
…e reports. Just run: ./scripts/ <non-existent-directory>
Jun 06, 2011
Tim Freeman Broken image links in z2c ef76431
John Bresnahan modified the test suite so that it the image name come from an env and
breaking out the call that add nodes into its own script.  This should
allow us to much ore easily modify the tes script to run against a
real nimbus deploy.
John Bresnahan Merge branch 'master' of a4f4240
Jun 07, 2011
Patrick Armstrong Change when new unpropagate targets are translated in wsc
This is to address bug #55. This also splits translation and validation into two functions
Patrick Armstrong Revert "Change when new unpropagate targets are translated in wsc"
This reverts commit bbc5649.
David LaBissoniere Made integration-suites work on BSD, exit correct.
No reliable way to get milliseconds in bash on BSD?
Jun 08, 2011
Patrick Armstrong Fix failing validation when unpropagating with new target
Previously, the original propagation URL was examined for
validation on propagation, rather than a new URL (for example, specified with: --shutdown-save -e foo.epr --save-target )

This addresses bug #55
Tim Freeman Moved these more esoteric scripts to their own subdirectory 62dcf64
Jun 10, 2011
John Bresnahan packaging some lantorrent deps with cumulus (same virutal env). expan…

the range of acceptable simplejson packages
John Bresnahan Merge branch 'master' of ecc9233
John Bresnahan creating the lantorrent home directories 2baafc5
Tim Freeman New Query General module, used by both Restbroker and EC2-Query ffa4e20
Tim Freeman The usages of new Query General module ade5d7b
Tim Freeman lib/workspaceservice is for jars in lib/services that are only used b…
…y IaaS
Tim Freeman Cosmetic things a9fc909
Tim Freeman Changes to ctx broker for standalone: different authZ and GAR include…
…s libs now
Tim Freeman Separate home/ for standalone broker. Some code dupe at the moment bu…
…t pynimbusconfig should be what everything uses going foward.
Tim Freeman Separate build & dist system for standalone context broker, some ant-…
…code dupe
John Bresnahan adding kvm trouble shooting information 64181af
Jun 11, 2011
Pierre Riteau We want simplejson < 2.2, not < 2.1.
Fixes installation with simplejson 2.1.6.
Pierre Riteau Fix Python dependencies for the service LANTorrent f49bb43
Jun 12, 2011
Tim Freeman Merge branch 'hide-scripts' 1f9b9e7
Tim Freeman Also hide this script, there are much better persistence mgmt scripts…
… embedded in the services install
Tim Freeman Fix for SimplestSISuite integration tests (spot04) 1a3fd5a
Jun 13, 2011
Tim Freeman Allow the container and test suites to trigger a clean exit for async…
… cache
Tim Freeman Timing issues in SI test suites 129cfbb
John Bresnahan removing hard coded image name 2639808
John Bresnahan Merge branch 'master' of 239fffd
John Bresnahan breaking out the image name from the image location f3cd495
John Bresnahan adjustment to another test 0656ab5
John Bresnahan anyother change to break up the test image name from its location 49e734e
John Bresnahan removing harded references to group d771635
John Bresnahan making the test timeout configurable 3511c12
Tim Freeman Add a separate condition that checks for a completely infeasible memo…
…ry request. This greatly reduces the number of corner cases related to GH-26
Tim Freeman Allow async manager to block on destroys when preempting (could block…
… up to 30s)
Tim Freeman These tests need to wait longer to account for preemption tasks db32503
John Bresnahan this time remembering to quote the env 899db05
John Bresnahan adding the timeout to another place 996772a
John Bresnahan adding another timeout 72c5f92
John Bresnahan adding timeout value cf52f1e
Tim Freeman Test suite to examine destruction errors during backfill preemption a1fac0b
John Bresnahan adding timeout for real tests 8a94755
John Bresnahan more timeout adjustment 877d62b
John Bresnahan Merge branch 'master' of 7ea08a7
Tim Freeman Add a backoff to termination retries 6af8e62
Tim Freeman Tests for termination backoff suite 275e114
John Bresnahan adjusting time out b499a9f
Jun 14, 2011
John Bresnahan upping timeouts for real tests 3586fd0
John Bresnahan Merge branch 'master' of 4d0b6d7
John Bresnahan more timeout adjustment 1a6f1dd
Tim Freeman Investigating Jenkins-only test errors 6b677fd
Tim Freeman Account for the termination backoff in this test f1d1e45
Tim Freeman re-enable all the test suites on Jenkins de9a78c
John Bresnahan patch for GH-57 83842bd
John Bresnahan Merge branch 'master' of d9be1b2
Jun 15, 2011
John Bresnahan in a real installation the unpropagated file will differ from the pro…
…pagated file.
John Bresnahan removing unsed imports and not validating the m5sum for real runs 4421937
David LaBissoniere Allow passing in suite names in integration-suites e001492
Tim Freeman Added alternative destruction procedure 8afd4df
Tim Freeman Fix for: Added alternative destruction procedure e4e4224
Jun 16, 2011
Pierre Riteau Document virtualenv and offline install of LANTorrent d447140
Pierre Riteau Add ACPI to the hypervisor features of the default libvirt template
This allows KVM machines to be terminated properly by a libvirt shutdown
David LaBissoniere Replaced ehcache with sqlite for ec2 id mappings
SSH key mgmt still broken
David LaBissoniere Elastic SSH key persistence to sqlite 5fc27ca
Jun 20, 2011
David LaBissoniere Added doc note about enabling KVM in libvirt.conf 89327a1
David LaBissoniere Removed dead code related to elastic ehcache usage 1fd9e39
David LaBissoniere Moved elastic persistence code to better package e1c9df4
David LaBissoniere Updated service suite configs for elastic sqlite 95adbcc
David LaBissoniere Merge branch 'elasticsqlite' c7f75a9
Patrick Armstrong Replace ehcache persistence for Spot instances with Derby persistence 393f95d
Jun 21, 2011
Pierre Riteau Small fixes to the LANTorrent installation instructions ac17a29
Patrick Armstrong Remove last traces of cache.
Patrick Armstrong Remove extra imports that IntelliJ helpfully provided. e889350
John Bresnahan change log for 2.8. Need comments about context broker 98f79a6
Jun 22, 2011
Patrick Armstrong Move from using regular vm persistance tables to async specific ones.
This is to avoid problems with async VMs having duplicate IDs
David LaBissoniere Adjustments to changelog 59a3688
John Bresnahan bumping the version numbers 30b007d
John Bresnahan adding documentation about copy propagation ff8caeb
John Bresnahan doc about the image cache 5ecdbe8
John Bresnahan merge result
Merge branch 'master' of

Patrick Armstrong Fix writing async vm partion, deployment and file copy tables
One more test passes!
Patrick Armstrong Add persistence for vm lists in AsyncRequest e732ad4
John Bresnahan bumping another version number 7dd9ee9
John Bresnahan Merge branch 'master' of fb4fc6a
John Bresnahan updating doc to reflect most of the comments from Dan Yocum
we still need to add console access for KVM
Patrick Armstrong Remove unneeded import. 51314ad
Patrick Armstrong Clean up a few Async persistance things ed37db2
Jun 23, 2011
Patrick Armstrong Fix pulling all asyncrequests at once from persistence d913538
Patrick Armstrong Update spring file for failure suites e9fb449
Patrick Armstrong Update persistence schema for failuresuites 585b2da
Tim Freeman enable the new test suite in Jenkins e7c763d
Patrick Armstrong Revert back to correct spring config files for spot and failure tests 100f503
Tim Freeman small rework of changelog 608ce24
David LaBissoniere Include units in cache max size config comment 5b350d0
Tim Freeman make the test wait longer for termination backoff to kick in 5bb03ee
Tim Freeman highlighted ImportKeyPair impl 7135a05
Tim Freeman Merge branch 'ctxbroker-breakout'
Tim Freeman Needed to adjust service suites for new jar directory layout 65f351f
Tim Freeman recent addition of DB to msgbridge needs these jars 31f24aa
Jun 24, 2011
David LaBissoniere Swapped group01 and group04 authz properties
group01 is the default and it should be unlimited.
David LaBissoniere Better default group-authz configuration
Got rid of group setting for users in
David LaBissoniere Fixed libs in .idea/ b1be8ef
David LaBissoniere Updated tarfile parsing prefix in nimbus_version 884c8b6
David LaBissoniere These library files were .gitignored.. 815c4ef
David LaBissoniere Added ctxbroker build to make-dist-remote script 5ceed3a
David LaBissoniere chmod +x some important files in ctxbroker tarball 472ed8d
David LaBissoniere Set fake mode lag time to 50ms in failure suite 1420c41
David LaBissoniere Let TerminateSuite sleep a little longer 79b48cf
Jun 28, 2011
John Bresnahan alternate unpropagation target field too small. making it match the i…
…mage name
Tim Freeman Mirrored the SQL change to the test suites 2f1f151
John Bresnahan patch for GH-62 3fc11a8
Jun 30, 2011
John Bresnahan Merge branch 'master' of d242308
Jul 01, 2011
John Bresnahan proper fix for --common upload 65550d5
John Bresnahan change log for cloud client 20 0e0c1ff
John Bresnahan bad test for --common 6cce49b
Jul 02, 2011
Pierre Riteau Add missing space in error message f9342de
Jul 08, 2011
Pierre Riteau Fix compatibility with JetS3t for S3 Object Copy
When JetS3t does an object copy, the source path, defined as Bucket/Object in
the x-amz-copy-source header, is fully encoded (including the slash separating
Bucket and Object).

However, Cumulus was expecting this slash to be unencoded. We now decode the
whole source path first.
Jul 10, 2011
Pierre Riteau Fixing typos 34db3c0
Jul 11, 2011
Pierre Riteau Fix conversion of a time object to string
This caused cumulus to return an XML response in the style of
<LastModified>time.struct_time(tm_year=2011, tm_mon=7, tm_mday=6, tm_hour=5, tm_min=4, tm_sec=30, tm_wday=2, tm_yday=187, tm_isdst=-1)</LastModified>
instead of an actual ISO 8601 date.
Jul 12, 2011
John Bresnahan changelog and cumulus doc cleanup for 2.8rc2 0c3a2de
Pierre Riteau Update the LANTorrent installation doc (same info as the admin refere…
John Bresnahan adding back in the README file so that the python egg gets expanded 9dc5729
John Bresnahan Merge branch 'master' of 7795e8c
John Bresnahan patch for GH-65 374bb2e
John Bresnahan copy and paste troubles e887f78
Jul 13, 2011
John Bresnahan updating changelog for recently fixed bug 828304a
John Bresnahan bumping the context broker RC# 395e4ce
John Bresnahan adding an example entry to the ctx broker usermap e24d0b3
Jul 14, 2011
John Bresnahan patches to use reference client 46543d1
Jul 15, 2011
John Bresnahan adding changelog entry for GH-68 12ef4ae
Jul 19, 2011
Tim Freeman added changelog separator 8cb212e
Jul 20, 2011
Pierre Riteau Fix configuration setting name that enables other propagation schemes fe7b3e2
Jul 22, 2011
John Bresnahan adding documentation warning users of the danger wrt copy propagation…
… and GH-69
Jul 28, 2011
Pierre Riteau Old versions of s3cmd don't accept capitalized bucket names 8a47ed9
Jul 29, 2011
David LaBissoniere Removed old unused libvirt toXML method 6b0b686
Aug 04, 2011
David LaBissoniere Added Xen vs. KVM notes to Z2C final-tests page 40c0651
Aug 05, 2011
Pierre Riteau Comment possible repoScheme values and warn about cp passthrough d4d2c22
Aug 09, 2011
John Bresnahan patch for GH-70 2a50462
John Bresnahan Merge branch 'master' of e69ef33
Aug 10, 2011
Pierre Riteau Fix the code for printing bad data 8ea4d41
Aug 16, 2011
David LaBissoniere Removed old FAQ, updated IaaS 2.8 changelog 29e00d9
David LaBissoniere version numbers to 2.8 043b28a