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Aug 22, 2011
David LaBissoniere Adjusted github compare link in changelog 971a088
Aug 23, 2011
Pierre Riteau Small typo fix 4ef7305
Pierre Riteau Use the correct pypi URL c9e8982
Aug 25, 2011
John Bresnahan updating KVM documentation ad1c664
John Bresnahan Merge branch 'master' of cde4751
Aug 30, 2011
Patrick Armstrong Fixed typo in subscribe action help text. da57ece
Sep 12, 2011
Patrick Armstrong Trivial commit to test Jenkins 9d079f9
Sep 27, 2011
John Bresnahan adding a description field to cloud client listing for future grid 9b9a4eb
John Bresnahan adding a test for the image description
optimization on fetching decription info

fixing bug in option setting
John Bresnahan XXXX out the printing of secrets
having cloud client actually display the image description
John Bresnahan tabbing the description over 8a21ac3
Sep 28, 2011
John Bresnahan moving the description files so that they will not be in the image li…
John Bresnahan GH-73 feature request is working with this commit. 6e51f7f
John Bresnahan sometimes going from python to java is hard b6d5695
Sep 29, 2011
John Bresnahan adding status details to service db5e8ca
John Bresnahan adding detail messages to cloud client 4ecb301
John Bresnahan bug sending details c918de4
John Bresnahan formatting 302eb86
John Bresnahan return delim 9181584
Oct 04, 2011
rrusnak1 testing commit f9fb2d5
rrusnak1 updating src 66232b0
rrusnak1 First commit of nimbus-admin tools method. Run bin/nimbus-admin to use. 9f5a2fa
rrusnak1 Addition of ability to shutdown vms added to nimbus-admin 112fe1a
rrusnak1 missed file e62bb99
rrusnak1 Working nimbus-admin for --list and --shutdown, reports integrated an…
…d working
rrusnak1 Added more options for shutdown and list.
Added Help file for nimbus-admin
rrusnak1 Added some documentation eaa592e
rrusnak1 Added ability to list by group id and group name.
Added group id and group name to list output
rrusnak1 Added ability to shut down VMs by user_name, DN, group id and group name
Also rearranged code in DefaultRemoteAdminToolsMgmt
rrusnak1 Added ability to shut down list of VMs for all options
Changed error output handling
rrusnak1 Added --allocation option to nimbus-nodes which lists network pool in…
rrusnak1 Added 3 b&t tests for nimbus-admin and nimbus-nodes
Fixed bug in nimbus-admin
rrusnak1 Added available memory to VMM node output 96914ef
rrusnak1 Added --nodes to nimbusAdmin which shows which vm ids are running on …
…which nodes

moved helpconfig to RMIConfig
rrusnak1 updated help file 9660c45
rrusnak1 Added --state option to nimbus-admin
Created documentation for nimbus-admin and nimbus-nodes in reference.html
Patrick Armstrong Don't fail when history directory was created in a previous test 90a6ab0
Patrick Armstrong Tidy up nimbus-admin reference docs 9602935
Patrick Armstrong Make nimbus-admin tests more thorough. a938b0c
Patrick Armstrong Catch unexpected Exceptions in remoting 4009fd0
Patrick Armstrong Add ability to pick specific bt tests to run from commandline 9f49eaa
Nov 10, 2011
David LaBissoniere Fixed iaas tarball path in admin walkthrough 8bdb7e9
Nov 13, 2011
David LaBissoniere Bumped cloud client version in admin walkthrough 02703f8
Nov 16, 2011
Patrick Armstrong Add Resource Pool selection/scheduling to backend a0ec72b
Patrick Armstrong Map availability zones to Resource Pools on the service 9b4948c
Patrick Armstrong Add integration tests for Availability Zones 15d7f9a
Patrick Armstrong Remove references to old UNIVERSE-WEST:EARTH hack.
Fare thee well, UNIVERSE-WEST
Patrick Armstrong Fix name of Availability Zones test suite d26a2e2
Patrick Armstrong CPU count support in instance types 99dea0e
Patrick Armstrong Update nimbus-nodes documentation for availability zones 1fc6ff7
Patrick Armstrong Add EC2Suite to 6f3bf90
Patrick Armstrong Remove EC2Suite 0cab516
Patrick Armstrong Fix query spring config file for cpu-instance types 047d066
Patrick Armstrong Add Availability Zones documentation in Admin Reference. 175e6bb
Patrick Armstrong Update elastic configuration documentation cb2a444
Tim Freeman Other IDEA modules should see these libs transitively 6666867
John Bresnahan Documentation updates for 2.9 release
Patch for GH-76
Nov 17, 2011
John Bresnahan doc patch for GH-80 f2ddf78
David LaBissoniere Removed old cloudinitd docs. They are sphinxed now 4436eea
John Bresnahan updating version numbers c018658
John Bresnahan Merge branch 'master' of
John Bresnahan making the changelog prettier c685761
Patrick Armstrong Flesh out the AZ section in the 2.9 changelog. 0d7668a
John Bresnahan updating build version numbers 1230656
John Bresnahan adding rc1 tag f4d6707
John Bresnahan rc must be in CAPS 3e19bf5
Nov 18, 2011
Patrick Armstrong Add multiple CPUs for EC2 instance types to Changelog ba6fe5c
John Bresnahan allowing the port to be overridden by an environment variable 572868b
John Bresnahan Merge branch 'master' of 7a7c1e4
John Bresnahan not setting optional value for backward compat 7f8d2ba
Nov 21, 2011
John Bresnahan adding timeouts to tests 9921a92
John Bresnahan using the image determined by env 9c735f4
John Bresnahan adding in real image option 503f2b2
John Bresnahan adding timeouts 1e3b5f9
Nov 29, 2011
John Bresnahan removing the zone test when running in a real env ebdef24
John Bresnahan allow real tests to set the CA name path 68fae29
John Bresnahan allowing an overide of the node name for real tests 2ddecec
John Bresnahan extending the time tests are allowed to run for real test mode when t…
…hings take more than 15 minutes
John Bresnahan adding in env to sent the VMM hostname 218b2f3
John Bresnahan more changes for real tests b04e0a5
John Bresnahan increasing the submission time for real tests 888af83
John Bresnahan string optional didn't seem to work. trying minOccurs/maxOccurs trick 7308787
Nov 30, 2011
John Bresnahan updating the commit difference to the RC tag 8fb4c23
John Bresnahan Updated the changelog feature list 05c4f46
John Bresnahan functionalizty typo correction 21a9fd4
John Bresnahan updating cloud client changelog for release c2cc282
John Bresnahan bumping up the cloud client number 9fcaede
John Bresnahan missing documentation for lantorent setup 79736fb
John Bresnahan correcting an error in lantorrent config documentation 7468616
John Bresnahan potential fix for GH-81 be968e3
John Bresnahan patch for py 2.4 VMM nodes to get the right sha 15d9fe2
Dec 01, 2011
John Bresnahan fixing bug that returns an array with null entries 210fc65
John Bresnahan fixing check for no VMs 5c153e4
Dec 05, 2011
John Bresnahan change log changes c586910
Dec 20, 2011
John Bresnahan removing unneeded complication of imports. e687ddb
John Bresnahan for the lantorrent workspace control client to end if the directory
holding the destination file is gone.  when a request is terminated
the directory is removed, we can use this as signal to let lantorrent
stop trying.
Dec 21, 2011
John Bresnahan addng more logging 77e051d
Dec 22, 2011
John Bresnahan possible fix for GH-84 3b3a391
John Bresnahan another possible fix for GH-84 ece2c0f
John Bresnahan adding tests for GH-84 b735d7f
John Bresnahan patch for the other half of GH-84 004f6f0
Jan 06, 2012
John Bresnahan bumping the version number d244931
John Bresnahan adding bug fix to change log 22f19ed
John Bresnahan breaking up the changelog to reflect the changes in each RC a6e2b06
John Bresnahan updating the changelog ef70c0f
John Bresnahan removing a stray line 1251f67
Jan 23, 2012
John Bresnahan allowing the error counter to reset when success occurs 5a4c535
John Bresnahan made wait longer and more randomly. this should help avoi…
…d db contention and sshd servers that are setup to limit the number of connections over time
John Bresnahan escaping more characters for the lantorrent output e477be3
Jan 24, 2012
Pierre Riteau Correct shell escaping of special characters
We need to escape special characters twice: once for the local execution of the
ssh command and once for the remote execution of the notifications script.

For instance, printing a single quote through an ssh connection requires:

    ssh localhost echo \\\'

Also include " (double quotes) in the list of special characters.
John Bresnahan adding logic to retry the ssh command which accesses that database.
the sqlite db can through errors on db contention.  because this command happens when all the file is completed it is a likely place for contention under some circumstances.  When transfering and image to multiple destinations on a single VMM it is likely that they will all complete at near the same time.  This patch adds logic to retry the command with backoff

another patch to will limit the size of the error text.
John Bresnahan removing the error message truncation 6dc2d57
Jan 25, 2012
John Bresnahan We must check the output string for True or False along with the retu…
…rn code.

patch to cancel a request to help prevent forcing a full bucket iteration to have the request time out.
John Bresnahan bumping up the version number e855e6c
Jan 26, 2012
John Bresnahan yet another lantorrent patch for 2.9
Here we test the output only if the return code was 0