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Wrong HOME environment variable in LANTorrent's xinetd configuration #70

priteau opened this Issue August 03, 2011 · 0 comments

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Pierre Riteau John Bresnahan
Pierre Riteau

The xinetd configuration generated by the LANTorrent installer and the installation documentation specify the user attribute in order to run LANTorrent as non-root.

However, for some xinetd versions (at least 2.3.14 on Debian Squeeze), the LANTorrent process will have its HOME environment variable still set to /root. This makes LANTorrent fail to create a /root/.lantorrent/lantorrent.log file.

The xinetd template and the documentation need to be modified to include a line like the following in the service description:

env = HOME=/opt/nimbus
John Bresnahan buzztroll referenced this issue from a commit August 09, 2011
John Bresnahan patch for GH-70 2a50462
John Bresnahan buzztroll closed this August 09, 2011
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