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This is a set of patches to add three things to Nimbus Pilot:

  • Add an option to disable pilot's memory bubbling. The Xen Best practices wiki page recommends you disable bubbling in a production environment, and we've had some reliability problems with it. So now we have an option to disable it.
  • Allow the number of cores requested for a VM to be forwarded to the PBS ppn request. This overrides the previous behaviour where an admin would specify the ppn in the pilot.conf file, if you wanted to ensure that only one VM ran per node. You can still get this behaviour with a non-zro ppn in the config file. If you set ppn to zero, you'll get this new behaviour where ppn is the number of cores per VM.
  • Configurable PBS accounting strings. Previously, this would always send the user's cert DN. Now you can send either the nimbus display name, the user's group name, or the user's DN. This is configured in pilot.conf

Feel free to ask me any questions or tell me to do something differently. I'm not very comfortable with the Spring stuff, so if there's a better way to implement what I have let me know.

I could also split this into three pull requests if that would be easier.

priteau commented Mar 1, 2011

I don't know much about pilot, but I didn't see anything suspicious in the commit series.
Good to know about the bubbling issues by the way.

@oldpatricka oldpatricka merged commit 44aae3e into master May 11, 2011
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