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Nimbus Monitoring plug-ins for Nagios
Author: Adam Bishop <>
Date: 2010-03-26

The purpose of these plug ins is to provide information about the status
and availability of a Nimbus head node and its worker nodes. The work was 
done at the University of Victoria.


Please refer to the documention at:


Extensive background documentation & usage instructions is available at:

There are numerous files included in this project, noted below : 
    - contains options for monitoring resources on Nimbus worker nodes 
    - contains options for monitoring resources of the Nimbus head node 

    - a support file used in the execution of

    - a support file used in the execution of
    - used to aggregate and format XML data to be published via webserver

   - The new XML format schema that the nimbus_nagios_data_processing
     script validates against.

   - An XSL to merge distinct worker node plug-in XML snippets into a single 
     XML document structure

   - An XSL to strip attributes from all plug-in XML data. The attributes 
     contain IP addresses and unique keys used in other XSL processing, but 
     unnecessary for the final XML format
   - An XSL to remove duplicate plug-in XML snippets from the final XML 
     tree document. Attributes are used to uniquely identify nodes.
   - This script is essentially the Network Pools plug-in that was removed 
     from This script is designed to be run OUTSIDE 
     of the Nagios utility, all by itself. It queries the nimbus container 
     to determine the number of available IP addresses at that time. The 
     script includes a loop that will cause it to run every X seconds, where 
     X is configurable in monitoring_config.cfg. Also, this script publishes 
     to its own XML file, seperate from that created by

   - A sample monitoring configuration file used by the nimbus scripts. Details
     on file contents can be found at the above Wiki address

Support can be obtained from Adam Bishop ( or Ian Gable 
( Users are also encouraged to seek support on the 
Nimbus mailing lists
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