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Added more file patterns to the Doxyfile

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1 parent 4db130e commit bc33d0f770f54b243e2d546e7a57d98b4a90cfd2 @clemesha-ooi clemesha-ooi committed Aug 10, 2009
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@@ -582,7 +582,7 @@ INPUT_ENCODING = UTF-8
# *.c *.cc *.cxx *.cpp *.c++ *.java *.ii *.ixx *.ipp *.i++ *.inl *.h *.hh *.hxx
# *.hpp *.h++ *.idl *.odl *.cs *.php *.php3 *.inc *.m *.mm *.py *.f90
+FILE_PATTERNS = *.py *.sh *.js *.html
# The RECURSIVE tag can be used to turn specify whether or not subdirectories
# should be searched for input files as well. Possible values are YES and NO.

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