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RabbitMQ's "rabbitmqctl" as a Twisted Service.
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#!/usr/bin/env python

@author Alex Clemesha <>
@date 8/18/09

txrabbitmq - RabbitMQ's `rabbitmqctl` as a Twisted Service.

@section Overview

Implements RabbitMQ's `rabbitmqctl` command line tool as a Twisted Service, 
Expose this functionality over several protocols, most importantly: HTTP and AMQP.

@section Install

The recommend way of using `txrabbitmq` is to create a `virtualenv` and
the install all dependencies with `pip` into the `virtualenv`
    $ virtualenv --no-site-packages txrabbitmq_env 
    $ pip -E txrabbitmq_env install -U twotp orbited twisted simplejson stompservice

@section Usage

@subsection Start up the RESTful Command/Data http service:
    $ twistd -n txrabbitmq

@subsection Push data from RabbitMQ
From top-level dir run: 
    $ twistd -n txrabbitmq

Open 2nd shell, navigate to dir `webui/push` and run:
    $ python #first shell
    $ orbited --config=rabbitmq.cfg #second shell

Open ports 8000 and 9000, to see commands data and push, respectively

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