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# This config.nims is used as an example and to test the examples, this definitions will not be
# applied to your application if you don't manually copy this file.
when defined(emscripten):
# This path will only run if -d:emscripten is passed to nim.
--nimcache:tmp # Store intermediate files close by in the ./tmp dir.
--os:linux # Emscripten pretends to be linux.
--cpu:wasm32 # Emscripten is 32bits.
--cc:clang # Emscripten is very close to clang, so we ill replace it.
when defined(windows):
--clang.exe:emcc.bat # Replace C
--clang.linkerexe:emcc.bat # Replace C linker
--clang.cpp.exe:emcc.bat # Replace C++
--clang.cpp.linkerexe:emcc.bat # Replace C++ linker.
--clang.exe:emcc # Replace C
--clang.linkerexe:emcc # Replace C linker
--clang.cpp.exe:emcc # Replace C++
--clang.cpp.linkerexe:emcc # Replace C++ linker.
--listCmd # List what commands we are running so that we can debug them.
--gc:arc # GC:arc is friendlier with crazy platforms.
--exceptions:goto # Goto exceptions are friendlier with crazy platforms.
# Pass this to Emscripten linker to generate html file scaffold for us.
switch("passL", "-o examples/web/index.html -s USE_WEBGL2=1 --shell-file examples/web/shell_minimal.html")