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tvulkan.nim Fix dylib for MacOSX and create Windows only loader section Nov 6, 2019


This examples purpose is to help check the stability of the bindings and to give some example on how to use them on other projects. So feel free to check the tests and learn on how to use them.

I still need to add more examples to test the stability of the bindings. Some bindings depend on another bindings for certain functionality so expect some tests to contain several bindings.

As this is a graphics library it needs some specific hardware that most of the computers have but cannot test on some CI servers. In the future it would be nice to implement the CI service with Xvfb. All the tests go through the CI by compiling them but they are not tested in execution.

Which examples are integrated

File Purpose CI
tglfw.nim GLFW is initialized correctly and that a window opens
topengl.nim OpenGL bindings work and give out correct data
timgui.nim ImGui actually build and display demo window
tvulkan.nim Vulkan bindings work
More to come...
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