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Nim bindings for libspnav, the free 3Dconnexion device driver.
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Nim bindings for libspnav, the free 3Dconnexion device driver. spacenav Logo


This package contains bindings to the Spacenav SDK (libspnav) for the Nim programming language. Spacenav provides a free, compatible and open source alternative to 3Dconnexion's popular 3D input device drivers and SDK.

Supported Platforms

io-spnav was last built and tested with spacenavd 0.6 and libspnav 0.2.3, which currently support the following devices:

  • All USB 3Dconnexion 6DOF devices (Linux)
  • All serial Spaceball devices (BSD, Linux, MacOSX)

Support for USB devices under Windows and MacOSX is underway, but incomplete. The daemon will compile and run, but USB devices may not work or will crash.

The bindings in this package currently support the following platforms:

  • BSD
  • Linux
  • Mac OSX

If you wish to use USB based 3Dconnexion devices under MacOSX or Windows, you may also consider using the io-3dxware bindings instead.


To compile the bindings in this package you must have libspnav, the Spacenav SDK library, installed on your computer. Users of your program need to install and run spacenavd, the Spacenav Daemon, that implements the actual device driver.




If your Linux distribution includes a package manager or community repository, it may already have pre-compiled binaries for both the Daemon and the SDK. For example, on ArchLinux the SDK is available in the official package repository:

sudo pacman -Sy libspnav

The daemon is available in AUR:

yaourt spacenavd

Make sure to verify the available version numbers as they may be outdated. It is then preferable to manually build the daemon and SDK from the source code in the Sourceforge repository.


Download the source code for both spacenavd and libspnav from the Spacenav Sourceforge repository and follow the instructions in their README file for building and installing them.




This package does not have any dependencies to other Nim packages at this time.


Import the spnav module from this package to make the bindings available in your project:

import spnav

Linux: If your installation of libspnav includes the X11 related Spacenav APIs, which is the default for binary distributions, you must also link against the X11 library by adding the following parameter to the Nim compiler command line:



Please file an issue, submit a pull request or email us at if this package is out of date or contains bugs. For issues related to input devices or the device driver software visit the 3Dconnexion or Spacenav web sites below.


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