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Contributing Guidelines

For anyone looking to get involved to this project, we are glad to hear from you. Here are a few of the kind of contributions that we would be interested.

  • Bug fixes    - If you find a bug, please first report it using GitHub issues.
    • Issues that have already been identified as a bug will be labeled bug.
    • If you'd like to submit a fix for a bug, create a Pull Request from your own fork and mention the issue number.
      • Include a test that isolates the bug and verifies that it was fixed.
  • New Features
    • If you'd like to accomplish something in the library that it doesn't already do, describe the problem in a new       GitHub issue.
    • Issues that have been identified as a feature request will be labeled enhancement.
    • If you'd like to implement the new feature, please wait for feedback from the project maintainers before spending too much time writing the code. In some cases, enhancements may not align well with the project objectives at the time.
  • Tests, Documentation, Miscellaneous
    • If you think the test coverage could be improved, the documentation could be clearer, you've got an alternative       implementation of something that may have more advantages, or any other change we would be glad hear about it.
      • If it's a trivial change, go ahead and create a Pull Request with the changes you have in mind.
      • If not, open a GitHub issue to discuss the idea first.


For a contribution to be accepted:

  • The test suite must be complete and pass
  • Code must follow existing styling conventions
  • Commit messages must be descriptive. Related issues should be mentioned by number.

If the contribution doesn't meet these criteria, a maintainer will discuss with you on the issue. You can still continue to add more commits to the branch you have sent the Pull Request from.

How To Start

  1. Fork this repository on GitHub.
  2. Clone/fetch your fork to your local development machine.
  3. Create a new branch (e.g. issue-12, feat.add_foo, etc) and check it out.
  4. Make your changes and commit them. (Did the tests pass?)
  5. Push your new branch to your fork. (e.g. git push myname issue-12)
  6. Open a Pull Request from your new branch to the original fork's master branch.