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Nimiq App Starter Kit

Use this app starter kit to create a Nimiq-powered app in seconds. It contains all the boilerplate code needed to get you started. Check out the demo.

This app starter kit includes frameworks and components that Nimiq developers commonly use to create Nimiq-enabled web applications.

Have a look at the demo for an overview of the included features. Also check out a simple demo wallet built with the app starter kit in 6 easy to follow steps in the demo-wallet branch.

New to Nimiq? Check out

How to use it

Basic Setup

Add the app starter kit to your project:

git remote add starter-kit
git fetch starter-kit

Then merge the master branch into your code base:

git merge --allow-unrelated-histories starter-kit/master

The separate features the app starter kit provides are contained in feature branches. Pick the ones you want and merge them into your code base one at a time, for example:

git merge starter-kit/nimiq-hub

Some features depend on others so make sure to merge them in the right order. To see which features depend on which, have a look at the documentation in the demo page.

To add or update a feature at a later time, just (re)merge the branch.

Alternatively, instead of merging the master branch and picking separate feature branches, you can also merge the complete app starter kit with all features:

git merge --allow-unrelated-histories starter-kit/complete

Choosing to use the complete app starter kit might result in including features you don't need and a less optimized setup, therefore it's recommended to merge features separately.

Build and run

To get started, setup everything and get all dependencies with yarn:


or if you prefer npm:

npm install

Run a development server that watches the project files, compiles them on demand and hot-reloads the changes to keep your browser in sync:

yarn serve

Lint your code:

yarn lint

To automatically fix lint errors:

yarn lint --fix

Run your unit tests:

yarn test:unit

Compile and minify the project to be ready for deployment in production:

yarn build

Npm users can run these commands by replacing yarn with npm run, for example:

npm run serve


Please feel free to get in touch and send PRs!

Please understand that PRs might be squashed into a single commit on merge to keep the commit history as simple as possible. PR authors will however be attributed authorship / co-authorship of that commit.


Starter kit for creating a Nimiq powered app.







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