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Nimiq Node.js Client


With a configuration file (recommended)

clients/nodejs/nimiq --config=CONFIG

Use the sample configuration to get started.

From the command line

clients/nodejs/nimiq --host=HOSTNAME --port=PORT --cert=SSL_CERT_FILE --key=SSL_KEY_FILE [options]


Configuration Description
--host=HOSTNAME Hostname of the Node.js client.
--port=PORT Port to listen on for connections.
--cert=SSL_CERT_FILE SSL certificate file for your domain. CN should match HOSTNAME.
--key=SSL_KEY_FILE SSL private key file for your domain.


Options Description
--help Show usage instructions.
--log[=LEVEL] Configure global log level.
--log-tag=TAG[:LEVEL] Configure log level for a specific tag.
--miner[=THREADS] Activate mining on this node with THREADS parallel threads.
--passive Do not actively connect to the network.
--rpc[=PORT] Start JSON-RPC server on port PORT (default: 8648).
--metrics[=PORT] Start Prometheus-compatible metrics server on port PORT (default: 8649).
--statistics[=INTERVAL] Output miner statistics every INTERVAL seconds.
--type=TYPE Configure the consensus type, one of full (default), light or nano.
--wallet-seed=SEED Initialize wallet using SEED as a wallet seed.
--wallet-address=ADDRESS Initialize wallet using ADDRESS as a wallet address.
--extra-data=EXTRA_DATA Extra data to add to every mined block.
--network=NAME Configure the network to connect to, one of main (default), test, or dev.