A map service for finding nearby restaurants with their Zomato rating!
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Near By Places Project

This project uses Zomato API, Google Maps API, KnockoutJS, Bootstrap 4 and JQuery to display some of the places near my aparment in Bangalore, India.

Steps to run

  1. Clone / download the repository to your local machine
  2. Open index.html in your favourite browser

The web app covers the following specifications -

  • All application components render on-screen in a responsive manner.
  • All application components are usable across modern desktop, tablet, and phone browsers.
  • Includes a text input field or dropdown menu that filters the map markers and list items to locations matching the text input or selection. Filter function runs error-free.
  • A list-view of location names is provided which displays all locations by default, and displays the filtered subset of locations when a filter is applied. Clicking a location on the list displays unique information about the location, and animates its associated map marker (e.g. bouncing, color change.) List functionality is responsive and runs error free.
  • Map displays all location markers by default, and displays the filtered subset of location markers when a filter is applied.
  • Clicking a marker displays unique information about a location in either an infoWindow or DOM element.
  • Markers should animate when clicked (e.g. bouncing, color change.)
  • Any additional custom functionality provided in the app functions error-free.