Python script to make using and configuring hostapd easier
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by Nimesh Ghelani (nims11)

Python Script to make using and configuring hostapd easier.


  • dhcpd
  • hostapd
  • python (2.7)

Usage requires root privileges to work.

$ chmod +x
Usage : [action] [<options>...]

Following actions are currently supported:

Usage for action config: config                                       - list all attributes with values config section_name                          - list all attributes under secion_name with values config section_name attrib_name              - shows the value for section_name->attrib_name, if set config section_name attrib_name attrib_val   - modifies the value of section_name->attrib_name to attrib_val

Configuring generates the config file for hostapd and dhcpd each time it starts using /etc/py_hostapd.cfg, edit that file to make changes or use the config action in the script. You may also tweak the file to suit your needs.

Additional Reading

On how to setup hostapd by yourself, read my guide at It will also help in way to understand the source code of my script better.


Feel free to fork and commit changes to the code. There is a lot of scope for improvement. Suggestions and Feedbacks are welcomed as well. I have only tested this script well enough with ath9k wifi driver. Help me improve it through bug reports, or even confirmed working report with the environment under which it occured.