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Asphorisms 1.0.1

Giving you the doubt to drive self-improvement

Needing less always beats having more

Tools that don't plug in last longer than those that do

Ask better questions

No teachers without books, no books without teachers

Freedom means free time. Anyone who tells you different wants something from you

Any work that dehumanizes you is hard work

The Helping Matrix

The Helping Matrix allows you to locate how your efforts are manifesting in the world. Are you helping, but not helpful? Maybe you are Helping and Helpful. Good job. Don't underrate the power of Not Helping Helpful.

Helpful Not Helpful
Not Helping

The Functionality Matrix

The Functionality Matrix allows you to locate what type of system, project, or relationship you are stuck in. Is it Dysfunctional yet Functioning? Or perhaps it is shiny, Functional, and totally Not Functioning. Good luck, sucker.

Functioning Not Functioning