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Ingests Nmap scan XML and returns JSON. Also processes a small number of NSEs.
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Nmap scan output parser

The culmunation of multiple attempts to write a more generic parser for Nmap scan output from traditional infrastructure scans. Instead of aiming for generalised utility, this script now specifically focuses on a selection of NSE scripts as well as condensing the output of port scans into a JSON format to be consumed by other tools.

Copyright © 2018 Aidan Mitchell «»


  • Python 3.7+ (uses dataclass and type hinting which require 3.7 or greater)
  • Nmap version 7.70SVN (2018-09)

NSE scripts supported


If you are running or developing on Windows and having trouble installing lxml, navigate over to and download the appropriate .whl file. File format is lxml-<version_number>-cp<python_version>-cp<python_version>m-win<architecture>.whl

Windows systems will also require the python-magic-bin package in addition to python-magic.

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