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Python library for testing websites
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Sitetest is a python utility for testing websites. The test results are uploaded to an AWS bucket as static HTML and notifications are sent to a Slack channel.


# enchant is required for spelling
brew install enchant

# sslyze is required for testing SSL
brew install sslyze

# Virtual env - to run stand alone environment:
pip install virtualenv

Example Report:

To set up environment:

> git clone
> cd sitetest
> virtualenv venv -p python3
> source venv/bin/activate
> pip install -r requirements.txt
# Create based on example below:
> python

Example Usage:


from sitetest import testSite

canonical_domain = ''
starting_url = ''
test_id = "example-site-test-recursive"

credentials = {
        "SLACK_CHANNEL" : "#channel",
        "SLACK_USERNAME" : "slackbot"
        "AWS_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME" : "bucket-name",
        "AWS_RESULTS_PATH" : "test_results"

domain_aliases = [
legacy_domains = [

options = {
    'ua_test_list' = {
        'A1 Website Download/5.1.0 (+ miggibot':{
    'skip_test_urls':['comments/reply','comments/flag' ],
        'default':[1200, 800],
        'mobile':[375, 667]

testSite(credentials, canonical_domain, domain_aliases, legacy_domains, starting_url, test_id, options)


If recursive == False, the test will test only the canonical_domain if recursive == True, the test will recursively test all links found within the canonical_domain. It will also test /robots.txt, /sitemap.xml, /favicon.ico and /thisShouldNotExist returns a 404

if test_media == True, the test will ALSO verify that media files (images, docs, zips, etc) return 404s.

if test_external_links == True, the test will ALSO verify that external links return 404s.

if run_third_party_tests == True, the test will validate W3C Compliance for up to 20 urls (the W3C has relatively strict limits for API usage), run Google PageSpeed tests for up to 1000 urls.

if run_security_tests == True, the test will test rate limits and someday other tests too.

if ua_test_list is set, this will verify that the specified User Agents receive the expected code. This test will be run on the test_urls list if specified, or the canonical domain if not specified.

If verbose == True, you will see log output of the urls as they're parsed and the overall test status

If output_unloaded_links == True, a list of all links will be included in the report, including links that weren't loaded. If you have a lot of external links, this can be set to False to make the report file slightly smaller.

If screenshots are defined, then screenshots will be generated at the sizes specified. These will be uploaded a subdirectory within the test file. The screenshots are generated using the Firefox driver for Selenium.

Use use_basic_auth == True, and specify basic_auth_username and basic_auth_password if the URLs being tested are password protected with basic auth.

canonical_domain is the domain that we're testing. If you're running a non-recursive test on a single url, then canonical_domain should be the single url that you're testing, e.g. ''

canonical_domain = ''

domain_aliases are domains that should be considered equivalent to the canonical domain. If a domain alias is found, it will be replaced with the canonical domain for testing

domain_aliases = [

test_id is a unique identifier for this test. Tests will be uploaded to AWS at this url:

test_id = "example-site-test-full"

special_dictionary is a list of words to ignore in the spelling test

special_dictionary = ['yolo',]

ignore_query_string_keys is a list of query strings to ignore in the urls.

ignore_query_string_keys = ['next',]

alias_query_strings is a list of query strings to ignore as unique urls. These urls will be loaded and tested, but not subjected to 'unique' tests.

alias_query_strings = ['page',]

ignore_validation_errors is a list of validation messages from w3c to ignore

ignore_validation_errors = ['Bad value X-UA-Compatible for attribute http-equiv
on element meta.', ]

skip_urls is a list of url fragments that, if matched using regex, will not be loaded or tested.

skip_urls = ['blog' ]

skip_test_urls is a list of url fragments that, if matched using regex, it will be loaded but not undergo any further testing.

skip_test_urls = ['comments/reply','comments/flag' ]

credentials allow you to integrate with third party tools for tests and notification. Result notifications are sent to slack. Test results are uploaded to Amazon S3. Google Pagespeed is run on each URL for "Full" tests; only the API_KEY is needed for that.

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