Adds a confidentiality field to confluence.
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This is a Confluence plugin that provides a confidentiality setting for each page.

A screenshot of the plugin in action

What's inside

Here are the SDK commands you'll use immediately:

  • atlas-run -- installs this plugin into the product and starts it on localhost
  • atlas-debug -- same as atlas-run, but allows a debugger to attach at port 5005
  • atlas-cli -- after atlas-run or atlas-debug, opens a Maven command line window: - 'pi' reinstalls the plugin into the running product instance
  • atlas-help -- prints description for all commands in the SDK

Full documentation is always available at:


  • Improve style of confidentiality selector
  • Full i18n (currently all confidentiality strings are not translated on the client side)
  • Client code independent of possibleConfidentialities (so that the server entirely defines the set of possible confidentiality levels entirely)
  • Admin UI (add/remove/rename possible confidentiality levels and change default confidentiality level)
  • Optional per-space confidentiality set / default confidentiality
  • Editing of the confidentiality tied to the edit preferences of the page
  • Change of confidentiality only possible within the editor
  • Chosen confidentiality has impact on user roles (e.g. that certain roles can't see 'Confidential' pages or can only see 'Public' pages)

Test the plugin locally

Run Confluence locally in Fastmode™: atlas-run --jvmargs "-Xmx4g -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=4g"

Compile the project: atlas-mvn package (the local Confluence will automatically reload the code)

Confluence locally runs on port 1990: http://localhost:1990/confluence/

Use admin:admin as login.

Core Files

  • confluence-confidentiality.js: All of the UI logic
  • Translations (they somehow don't work client side)
  • Template for everything in the confidentiality-selector
  • Confidentiality.kt: Object for server response
  • ConfidentialityResource.kt: Server-Side Logic
  • atlassian-plugin.xml: Resource Definition, Button Definition (change button icon etc.)

Important Documentation Resources

How to cut a release

  1. Make sure, you're on master.
  2. Change the version in pom.xml to X.Y.Z
  3. atlas-mvn clean package (You need to have Atlassian's tools installed)
  4. Test the package
  5. Run export VERSION=X.Y.Z; git add pom.xml && git commit -m "Version ${VERSION}" && git tag "v${VERSION}"
  6. Change the version in pom.xml to X.Y.z-SNAPSHOT, where z=Z+1
  7. Run git add pom.xml && git commit -m "Preparing for X.Y.z"
  8. Don't forget to git push --tags origin
  9. Upload the file target/confluence-confidentiality-X.Y.Z.jar to the Github release page.


This confluence plugin is currently maintained and funded by nine.

logo of the company 'nine'