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List of opensource projects looking for help
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List of opensource projects looking for help



  • blackbox - a KISSed blog engine
  • go-starter-kit - Golang isomorphic react/hot reloadable/redux/css-modules starter kit

GUI, Widgets

  • go-wde - (W)indows, (d)rawing and (e)vents for Go. Fork of go.wde
  • go.uik - A concurrent UI kit written in pure go. Fork of go.uik

Telegram bots

  • nagtlg - Telegram bot for Nagios and Livestatus
  • bot-api/telegram - Implementation of the telegram bot API with net/context and middlewares
  • HentaiDB - Telegram bot for searching content in popular repositories and tools for his work

Web frameworks

  • gramework - One of the fastest framework written in Go, while respecting the licenses. Bringing convenient, useful high performance battle-tested solutions to opensource. (telegram chat)

Programming languages

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