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@@ -4,17 +4,19 @@ Bullet
Bullet is a Cowboy handler and associated Javascript library for
maintaining a persistent connection between a client and a server.
-Bullet abstracts a general transport protocol familiar to WebSockets, and
-is equipped with several "fallback" transports. Bullet will automatically
-use one of these when the browser used is not able to support WebSockets.
-A common interface is defined for both client and server-side to easily
+Bullet abstracts a general transport protocol similar to WebSockets.
+Bullet will use a WebSocket if possible but will fallback to other
+transports when necessary. If the client supports EventSource
+connections then Bullet will use EventSource to send messages from the
+server to the client and XHR for messages from the client to the
+server. If EventSource is not available then Bullet will use XHR for
+both directions, using long-polling for server-to-client messages.
+A common interface is defined for both client and server to easily
facilitate the handling of such connections. Bullet additionally takes care
of reconnecting automatically whenever a connection is lost, and also
provides an optional heartbeat which is managed on the client side.
-Today Bullet only supports websocket and long-polling transports.
Dispatch options
@@ -95,10 +97,13 @@ a document.ready function like this:
var bullet = $.bullet('ws://localhost/path/to/bullet/handler');
bullet.onopen = function(){
- console.log('WebSocket: opened');
+ console.log('bullet: opened');
+ };
+ bullet.ondisconnect = function(){
+ console.log('bullet: disconnected');
bullet.onclose = function(){
- console.log('WebSocket: closed');
+ console.log('bullet: closed');
bullet.onmessage = function(e){
@@ -109,6 +114,21 @@ $(document).ready(function(){
+Always use the WebSocket (ws:) form for your bullet URLs and Bullet
+will change the URL as needed for non-WebSocket transports.
+The `$.bullet` function takes an optional second 'options' object.
+The following properties are supported:
+| Name | Default | Description |
+| ---------------------- | --------|------------------------------------ |
+| disableWebSocket | false | Never make WebSocket connections. |
+| disableEventSource | false | Never make EventSource connections. |
+| disableXHRPolling | false | Never fallback to XHR long polling. |
+Note that if EventSource is enabled and chosen as the underlying
+transport, XHR will be used for client-to-server messages.
Bullet works especially well when it is used to send JSON data
formatted with the jQuery JSON plugin.

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