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Add note on async threads to cowboy_http_static.

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1 parent ea7ae14 commit 89870b22d9a27e40407ed037258b8b7dbf73aefa Magnus Klaar committed Jan 3, 2012
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%% used for small or temporary environments where it is not preferrable to set
%% up a second server just to serve files.
+%% If this handler is used the Erlang node running the cowboy application must
+%% be configured to use an async thread pool. This is configured by adding the
+%% `+A $POOL_SIZE' argument to the `erl' command used to start the node. See
+%% <a href="">
+%% this reply</a> from the OTP team to erlang-bugs
%% == Base configuration ==
%% The handler must be configured with a request path prefix to serve files

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