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Cowboy examples
-* [hello_world](./hello_world):
+* [hello_world](./examples/hello_world):
simplest example application
-* [echo_get](./echo_get):
+* [echo_get](./examples/echo_get):
parse and echo a GET query string
-* [echo_post](./echo_post):
+* [echo_post](./examples/echo_post):
parse and echo a POST parameter
-* [rest_hello_world](./rest_hello_world):
+* [rest_hello_world](./examples/rest_hello_world):
return the data type that matches the request type (ex: html, text, json...)
-* [chunked_hello_world](./chunked_hello_world):
+* [chunked_hello_world](./examples/chunked_hello_world):
demonstrates chunked data transfer with two one-second delays
-* [static](./static):
+* [static](./examples/static):
an example file server
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