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Add a few directions in the REST chapter in the guide

This is obviously not proper documentation. We will properly document
it when the API stabilizes.
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@@ -12,17 +12,22 @@ REST is implemented in Cowboy as a protocol upgrade. Once upgraded,
the request is handled as a state machine with many optional callbacks
describing the resource and modifying the machine's behavior.
+As the REST handler is still subject to change, the documentation is
+still thin. This state of affair will be improved in the coming weeks.
Flow diagram
-@todo Add the beautiful flow diagram here.
+Not done yet. Feel free to use the one that is currently being worked on.
+ *
-@todo Describe the callbacks.
+Please see the Webmachine documentation at this time.
-@todo Explain how to use them.
+Please see the examples at this time.

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