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Documentation errors #286

saleyn opened this Issue · 6 comments

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It seems that the documentation rules for static routes are not correct. Here the use of ' * ' is misleading:

The problem is that ' * ' does not have any special meaning and doesn't not really mean to match to "any" subpath (i.e. "/x/path", "/y/path"), but it means to bind a variable ' * ' with the first element in the path. It is no different than giving any other name to that variable:

3> cowboy_dispatcher:match([{'_', [{['*', <<"a">>], my, []}]}], <<"">>, <<"/*/a">>).
4> cowboy_dispatcher:match([{'_', [{[x, <<"a">>], my, []}]}], <<"">>, <<"/*/a">>).

Finally, the documentation of ' * ' has no significance as ' * ' is not implemented in the dispatching code to serve any useful purpose:

The dispatch rule is only going to match if the given path is passed as ' * ' instead of a binary, which I believe never happens:

5> cowboy_dispatcher:match([{'_', [{'*', my, []}]}], <<"">>, <<"/a/b/c/d">>).

6> cowboy_dispatcher:match([{'_', [{[<<"a">>,'*'], my, []}]}], <<"">>, <<"/a/b/c/d">>).

7> cowboy_dispatcher:match([{'_', [{'*', my, []}]}], <<"">>, '*').

Yeah there's two issues there:

  • '*' should be '_'
  • The path '*' is now <<"*">> so the clause is wrong or not needed anymore

Thanks for spotting this!



@saleyn saleyn closed this

Please don't close it's not fixed yet. :)

@essen essen reopened this



That should be fixed in 9942beb. Thanks!

@essen essen closed this
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