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# See LICENSE for licensing information.
PROJECT = ranch
ERLC_OPTS = -Werror +debug_info +warn_export_all # +bin_opt_info +warn_missing_spec
DEPS_DIR ?= $(CURDIR)/deps
export DEPS_DIR
# Makefile tweaks.
V ?= 0
appsrc_verbose_0 = @echo " APP " $(PROJECT).app.src;
appsrc_verbose = $(appsrc_verbose_$(V))
erlc_verbose_0 = @echo " ERLC " $(?F);
erlc_verbose = $(erlc_verbose_$(V))
gen_verbose_0 = @echo " GEN " $@;
gen_verbose = $(gen_verbose_$(V))
.PHONY: all clean-all app clean docs clean-docs tests build-plt dialyze
# Application.
all: app
clean-all: clean clean-docs
$(gen_verbose) rm -rf .$(PROJECT).plt $(DEPS_DIR) logs
MODULES = $(shell ls src/*.erl | sed 's/src\///;s/\.erl/,/' | sed '$$s/.$$//')
app: ebin/$(PROJECT).app
$(appsrc_verbose) cat src/$(PROJECT).app.src \
| sed 's/{modules, \[\]}/{modules, \[$(MODULES)\]}/' \
> ebin/$(PROJECT).app
ebin/$(PROJECT).app: src/*.erl
@mkdir -p ebin/
$(erlc_verbose) erlc -v $(ERLC_OPTS) -o ebin/ -pa ebin/ \
src/$(PROJECT)_transport.erl $?
$(gen_verbose) rm -rf ebin/ test/*.beam erl_crash.dump
# Documentation.
docs: clean-docs
$(gen_verbose) erl -noshell \
-eval 'edoc:application($(PROJECT), ".", []), init:stop().'
$(gen_verbose) rm -f doc/*.css doc/*.html doc/*.png doc/edoc-info
# Tests.
CT_RUN = ct_run \
-pa ebin $(DEPS_DIR)/*/ebin \
-dir test \
-logdir logs \
-cover test/cover.spec
tests: clean app
@mkdir -p logs/
@$(CT_RUN) -suite acceptor_SUITE
# Dialyzer.
build-plt: app
@dialyzer --build_plt --output_plt .$(PROJECT).plt \
--apps erts kernel stdlib crypto public_key ssl
@dialyzer --src src --plt .$(PROJECT).plt \
-Werror_handling -Wrace_conditions -Wunmatched_returns # -Wunderspecs
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