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Stop filtering ssl options, or allow all valid ssl options #49

archaelus opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Related to #34, ranch_ssl currently requires certfile as a transport option, but this is only one way that the Erlang SSL library can be configured for certs.

I am trying to programmatically generate certs for a ranch/cowboy based application and use the ssl cert, key, cacerts ssl options, but ranch_ssl both tests for certfile which I don't pass, and filters out the mentioned options.

I can write a patch for this if required - do you want one that completely relaxes the option validation, and filtering, or do you want a patch that specifically tests for cert or certfile, and additionally allows cert, key, cacerts through the option filtering?


Last one. We shouldn't accept some of the options like 'packet' for example.


Closing since it has been merged. Thanks!

@essen essen closed this
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