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nineties committed Mar 8, 2013
1 parent 95f4af5 commit 22277be4cde33ef895a0a1305cb1fd95fd497a75
Showing with 124 additions and 122 deletions.
  1. +4 −4 demo/lang/hyperlisp/lib/lambda.ab
  2. +67 −66 rowl1/rowl1-compile.rlc
  3. +50 −50 rowl1/rowl1-interp.rlc
  4. +3 −2 rowl1/rowl1-packrat.rlc
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
# Copyright (C) 2012 nineties
-# $Id: hyperlisp/symbol.ab 2013-03-07 00:42:59 nineties $
+# $Id: hyperlisp/symbol.ab 2013-03-09 01:01:10 nineties $
# Reference
# Masahiko Sato and Masami Hagiya: HyperLisp, Algorithmic Languages
@@ -193,7 +193,7 @@ module HyperLisp {
# compile lambda-abstraction as a native function of Amber.
- Amber::compile(`Lambda{x, !compile_eval(params(x), body(x))})
+ Global::compile(`Lambda{x, !compile_eval(params(x), body(x))})
# compile label-expression as a sexp.
@@ -216,7 +216,7 @@ module HyperLisp {
lam: replace_label(name, params(x), body(x))
fun : compile_eval(params(lam), body(lam))
# register compiled function to the function table.
- function[name] = Amber::compile(`Lambda{x, !fun})
+ function[name] = Global::compile(`Lambda{x, !fun})
## Function definition
@@ -236,7 +236,7 @@ module HyperLisp {
fun: compile_lambda_jit(lam)
- Amber::define_global_variable(rename(sym), fun)
+ Global::define_global_variable(rename(sym), fun)
eval_(x) when == \Meta{Delta}: eval_define(x)
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
; rowl - 1st generation
; Copyright (C) 2010 nineties
-; $Id: rowl1-compile.rlc 2013-03-08 21:38:36 nineties $
+; $Id: rowl1-compile.rlc 2013-03-09 00:50:53 nineties $
(import "rlvm-compile")
@@ -2046,101 +2046,102 @@
(return (alloc_function 0 (get_code asm) 0))
-(export fun setup_builtin_compilers (mod) (
+(extern object global)
+(export fun setup_builtin_compilers () (
(var locT (domainP Loc))
- (add_function1 mod Compile DontCare compile_ 0)
+ (add_function1 global Compile DontCare compile_ 0)
- (add_compiler mod DontCare compile_error)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object2 Located locT DontCare) compile_located)
+ (add_compiler global DontCare compile_error)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object2 Located locT DontCare) compile_located)
; These commands have been evaluated in parsing phase.
- (add_compiler mod (make_object1 Open DontCare) topscope_only)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object1 Import DontCare) topscope_only)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object1 Open DontCare) topscope_only)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object1 Import DontCare) topscope_only)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object2 Qualified DontCare symT) compile_qualified)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object2 Qualified DontCare symT) compile_qualified)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object2 MakeObject DontCare DontCare) compile_make_object)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object2 MakeObject DontCare DontCare) compile_make_object)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object2 DefVariable DontCare DontCare) compile_define_variable)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object3 DefVariable DontCare DontCare (quote (to_sym "overwrite"))) compile_define_variable)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object2 DefVariable DontCare DontCare) compile_define_variable)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object3 DefVariable DontCare DontCare (quote (to_sym "overwrite"))) compile_define_variable)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object2 DefFunction DontCare DontCare) compile_define_function)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object2 DefFunction DontCare DontCare) compile_define_function)
- (add_compiler mod symT compile_var)
- (add_compiler mod (quote @C_TRUE) compile_special)
- (add_compiler mod (quote @C_FALSE) compile_special)
- (add_compiler mod (quote @C_NIL) compile_special)
- (add_compiler mod (quote @C_UNDEF) compile_special)
- (add_compiler mod intT compile_const_int)
- (add_compiler mod stringT compile_const)
- (add_compiler mod bintT compile_const)
- (add_compiler mod (domainP Float) compile_const)
+ (add_compiler global symT compile_var)
+ (add_compiler global (quote @C_TRUE) compile_special)
+ (add_compiler global (quote @C_FALSE) compile_special)
+ (add_compiler global (quote @C_NIL) compile_special)
+ (add_compiler global (quote @C_UNDEF) compile_special)
+ (add_compiler global intT compile_const_int)
+ (add_compiler global stringT compile_const)
+ (add_compiler global bintT compile_const)
+ (add_compiler global (domainP Float) compile_const)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object2 Apply DontCare listT) compile_apply)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object2 Apply DontCare listT) compile_apply)
- (add_compiler mod (qquote (unquote (unquote DontCare))) compile_unquote)
- (add_compiler mod (qquote (quote (unquote DontCare))) compile_quote)
- (add_compiler mod (qquote (qquote (unquote (unquote DontCare)))) compile_qquote)
+ (add_compiler global (qquote (unquote (unquote DontCare))) compile_unquote)
+ (add_compiler global (qquote (quote (unquote DontCare))) compile_quote)
+ (add_compiler global (qquote (qquote (unquote (unquote DontCare)))) compile_qquote)
- (add_compiler mod (domainP List) compile_list)
- (add_compiler mod (domainP Tuple) compile_tuple)
- (add_compiler mod (domainP Array) compile_array)
- (add_compiler mod (domainP Range) compile_range)
+ (add_compiler global (domainP List) compile_list)
+ (add_compiler global (domainP Tuple) compile_tuple)
+ (add_compiler global (domainP Array) compile_array)
+ (add_compiler global (domainP Range) compile_range)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object1 Block listT) compile_block)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object1 Seq listT) compile_seq)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object1 Breakable listT) compile_breakable)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object1 Block listT) compile_block)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object1 Seq listT) compile_seq)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object1 Breakable listT) compile_breakable)
- (add_compiler mod (mkif DontCare DontCare) compile_if)
- (add_compiler mod (ifelse DontCare DontCare DontCare) compile_ifelse)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object2 While DontCare DontCare) compile_while)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object3 While DontCare DontCare DontCare) compile_while)
+ (add_compiler global (mkif DontCare DontCare) compile_if)
+ (add_compiler global (ifelse DontCare DontCare DontCare) compile_ifelse)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object2 While DontCare DontCare) compile_while)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object3 While DontCare DontCare DontCare) compile_while)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object3 For DontCare DontCare DontCare)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object3 For DontCare DontCare DontCare)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object3 RevFor DontCare DontCare DontCare)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object3 RevFor DontCare DontCare DontCare)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object3 For DontCare
+ (add_compiler global (make_object3 For DontCare
(make_object2 Range DontCare DontCare) DontCare)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object3 RevFor DontCare
+ (add_compiler global (make_object3 RevFor DontCare
(make_object2 Range DontCare DontCare) DontCare)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object0 Break) compile_break)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object0 Continue) compile_continue)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object1 Return DontCare) compile_return)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object2 Try DontCare DontCare) compile_try)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object1 Throw DontCare) compile_throw)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object2 Equal DontCare DontCare) compile_eq)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object2 NotEqual DontCare DontCare) compile_ne)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object1 Not DontCare) compile_logical)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object2 SeqAnd DontCare DontCare) compile_logical)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object2 SeqOr DontCare DontCare) compile_logical)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object2 Assign DontCare DontCare) compile_assign)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object2 Lambda DontCare DontCare) compile_lambda)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object2 Fusion DontCare DontCare) compile_fusion)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object2 Slot DontCare symT) compile_slot)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object3 Slot DontCare symT listT) compile_slot2)
- (add_compiler mod (assign (make_object2 Slot DontCare symT) DontCare)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object0 Break) compile_break)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object0 Continue) compile_continue)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object1 Return DontCare) compile_return)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object2 Try DontCare DontCare) compile_try)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object1 Throw DontCare) compile_throw)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object2 Equal DontCare DontCare) compile_eq)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object2 NotEqual DontCare DontCare) compile_ne)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object1 Not DontCare) compile_logical)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object2 SeqAnd DontCare DontCare) compile_logical)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object2 SeqOr DontCare DontCare) compile_logical)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object2 Assign DontCare DontCare) compile_assign)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object2 Lambda DontCare DontCare) compile_lambda)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object2 Fusion DontCare DontCare) compile_fusion)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object2 Slot DontCare symT) compile_slot)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object3 Slot DontCare symT listT) compile_slot2)
+ (add_compiler global (assign (make_object2 Slot DontCare symT) DontCare)
; internal expressions
- (add_compiler mod (make_object2 FieldRef DontCare intT) compile_fieldref)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object2 Assign (make_object2 FieldRef DontCare intT) DontCare) compile_fieldref_assign)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object2 FieldRef DontCare intT) compile_fieldref)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object2 Assign (make_object2 FieldRef DontCare intT) DontCare) compile_fieldref_assign)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object1 AllocClsEnv intT) compile_alloc_clsenv)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object2 Closure DontCare DontCare) compile_closure)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object3 Ref DontCare intT symT) compile_clsref)
- (add_compiler mod (make_object2 Assign
+ (add_compiler global (make_object1 AllocClsEnv intT) compile_alloc_clsenv)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object2 Closure DontCare DontCare) compile_closure)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object3 Ref DontCare intT symT) compile_clsref)
+ (add_compiler global (make_object2 Assign
(make_object3 Ref DontCare intT symT) DontCare) compile_clsref_assign)
- (add_compiler mod (quote Decons) compile_decons)
+ (add_compiler global (quote Decons) compile_decons)
(export fun add_compiler (mod pat func) (
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