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1.0.4 (12-Mar-2017)
#43: estimateMaxWorkspaceSize() is too small
(reported by Roman L, leventow@github)
1.0.3 (15-Aug-2014)
#37: Incorrect de-serialization on Big Endian systems, due to incorrect usage of #numberOfTrailingZeroes
(pointed out by Gireesh P, gireeshpunathil@github)
1.0.2 (09-Aug-2014)
#38: Overload of factory methods and constructors in Encoders and Streams
to allow specifying custom `BufferRecycler` instance
(contributed by `serverperformance@github`)
#39: VanillaChunkEncoder.tryCompress() not using 'inPos' as it should, potentially
causing corruption in rare cases
(contributed by Ryan E, rjerns@github)
1.0.1 (08-Apr-2014)
#35: Fix a problem with closing of `DeflaterOutputStream` (for gzip output)
that could cause corrupt state for reusable `Deflater`
(contribyted by thmd@github)
1.0.0 (02-Dec-2013)
#34: Add `ChunkEncoder.appendEncodedIfCompresses()` for conditional compression;
useful for building efficient "compress but only if it makes enough difference"
processing systems
0.9.9 (25-Sep-2013)
#14: Added parallel LZF compression, contributed by Cedrik
#25: Allow early termination of push-style `Uncompressor` operation
#32: Fix for a rare NPE
(suggested by francoisforster@github)
0.9.8 (09-Mar-2013)
#24: Problems uncompressing certain types of binary documents
- Minor perf improvement for 'appendEncoded', was not reusing buffers
0.9.7 (06-Mar-2013)
#23: Add UnsafeChunkEncoder that uses 'sun.misc.Unsafe' for additional Oomph.
* Add LZFEncoder.estimateMaxWorkspaceSize() to help allocate work buffers.
#22: Add method(s) to allow encoding into caller-provided (pre-allocated) buffer.
0.9.6 (05-Sep-2012)
#17: Add IOException subtypes 'LZFException' and 'GZIPException' (with
common supertype of 'CompressionFormatException) to allow for better
catching of decompression errors
#19: (more) Efficient skipping with LZFInputStream, LZFFileInputStream;
can skip full chunks without decoding -- much faster (as per simple tests)
0.9.5 (25-May-2012)
* Add 'LZFCompressingInputStream' to allow streaming compression
"in reverse" (compared to LZFOutputStream)
* Add GZIP support functionality:
* 'OptimizedGZIPInputStream', 'OptimizedGZIPOutputStream' which add buffer
(and Inflater/Deflater) recycling for improved performance compared to
default JDK implementations (uses same native ZLIB library for actual
* Add "push-mode" handler, 'Uncompressor' to be used for un-/decompression
with non-blocking push-style data sources (like async-http-client)
* Implementations for LZF (LZFUncompressor) and GZIP (GZIPUncompressor)
* 'UncompressorOutputStream' convenience wrapper to expose 'Uncompressor'
as 'OutputStream'
* Fixed Issue #12: Command-line tool out of memory
(reported by nodarret@github)
* Implemented Issue #16: Add LZFInputStream.readAndWrite(...) method for copying
uncompressed data, avoiding an intermediate copy.
* Fix for Issue #15: LZFDecoder not passing 'offset', 'length' params
(reported by T.Effland)
* Fix for Issue #13: problems with Unsafe decoder on some platforms
0.9.0 (and prior)
* Rewrote decoder to allow ChunkDecoder variants, to allow optional use of
sun.misc.Unsafe (which can boost uncompression speed by up to +50%)
* #11: Input/OutputStreams not throwing IOException if reading/writing
after close() called, should be.
(reported by Dain S)
* Fix an NPE in BufferRecycler
(reported by Matt Abrams,