Java Client for accessing the Ning API
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ning-api-java is a Java client for accessing the Ning API.

The Ning API is a RESTful API that allows developers to access the content on their Ning Networks. The Ning API Documentation contains a complete API reference and tutorials.


If you need help with using this library, you can find us on the Ning Build Network. If you find an issue with this library, please file a bug on our issues page.

Example Usage

See the /src/test directory for examples of how to use this library.

Integration Tests

This project contains integration tests to verify the functionality of the Ning API. You can run them yourself by updating /src/test/testng.xml with the details of your Ning Site and your Ning API credentials.

These tests will create content on your site, it is recommended you run these tests on a test Ning site.

Once you have updated /src/test/testng.xml you can run the tests using:

mvn verify

This command will build, package, and run the integration tests. You can find a detailed report of the results in /target/failsafe-reports/.