Jetty-based service skeleton
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To see an example of an application using this skeleton, see how the maven-jetty-plugin is configured (relevant files under src/test/).


As a bare minimum, you should install and/or extend com.ning.jetty.core.modules.ServerModule, and add the following dependency:



  1. Request and Response utilities

    com.ning.jetty.utils.filters.PeepingTomRequestWrapper and com.ning.jetty.utils.filters.PeepingTomResponseWrapper wrap HttpServletRequestWrapper and ServletResponseWrapper respectfully and cache certain attributes. You can use these classes in your filters to look into the request and/or response streams and various attributes (e.g. response code or headers).

    See com.ning.jetty.utils.filters.TrackerFilter for an example on how to use them.

  2. TrackerFilter

    You can use the provided TrackerFilter to send request logs to your log aggregating system. A default implementation is provided for the collector via the eventtracker library. See com.ning.jetty.utils.filters.CollectorTracker.

    In addition to the eventtracker system properties, you can set the name of the event via com.ning.core.eventtracker.requestLogEventName (RequestLogEvent by default).


  1. LogInvalidResourcesServlet

    The com.ning.jetty.core.servlets.LogInvalidResourcesServlet will log any request and return a 404 to the client. This is useful as a back-end servlet for Guice for example (the Guice filter requires a back-end servlet).

  2. HttpProxyServlet

    The com.ning.jetty.utils.servlets.HttpProxyServlet can be used to proxy request to a remote host. The remote host needs to be provided by implementing the ServiceFinder interface.


  1. LogLevelCounterAppender

    The com.ning.jetty.log4j.LogLevelCounterAppender log4j appender can be used to gather statistics on a per logger and level basis (via JMX).

    To use it, configure your log4j.xml:

    <appender name="LOG_LEVEL_COUNTER" class="com.ning.jetty.log4j.LogLevelCounterAppender"/>
        <priority value="WARN"/>
        <appender-ref ref="LOG_LEVEL_COUNTER"/>


  1. Adding healthchecks

To add healthchecks, you need to extend com.yammer.metrics.core.HealthCheck and register them.

  1. Available providers

You can use com.ning.jetty.utils.providers.DBIProvider to create DBI objects for your dao. This provider will setup metrics and BoneCP for you.