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+Copyright 2011 Ning, Inc.
+Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
+Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.
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+NetApp perfstat wrapper
+ xnperfstat [-h] [-d] [-n] [-r] [-u] -m {perf|conf|<perfstat options>} <filer>
+xnperfstat is a wrapper for NetApp's perfstat tool. It is intended to allow for streamlined
+invocation of perfstat and, from cron, to collect continuous perfstat samples (which NetApp
+can use to compare a filer's state before some event of interest takes place).
+There are three use cases xnperfstat:
+ + Collect perfstat data on a regular basis
+ Unattended fashion (via cron). This mode is specified with the -m flag and the perf or
+ conf parameters. In these modes, perfstat output may be redirected to stdout, or, if
+ rotation is enabled, automagically redirected to a file in a ring which maintains up to
+ a number of samples at any given point in time. Older samples are discarded as new ones
+ are generated. Lower indexes imply newer samples.
+ + Collect perfstat data for a open NetApp Support case
+ This mode is specified with the -t flag, which accepts (but does not verify) a NetApp
+ Support case number and requires custom perfstat parameters via the -m flag. Rotation
+ is automatically enabled and output is redirected to a ring which maintains up to a
+ number of samples at any given point in time. Older samples are discarded as new ones
+ are generated. Lower indexes imply newer samples.
+ + Collect perfstat data as a one-off
+ This mode outputs to stdout by default unless the -o flag is specified. Rotation is
+ disabled in this mode
+When rotation is enabled, files are stored in /local/data/filer/data/perfstat in a rotating
+ring (older filers are discarded as new ones are created).
+Its behavior is directed and modified via options. Some of them really only make sense when
+run from cron.
+ + -d runs xnperfstat in debug mode.
+ + -m direct the capture mode, performance perf, configuration conf, and custom (which is
+ selected when neither of the other two is used and perfstat options are passed). In
+ custom mode, a quote string can be passed that is fed to perfstat (for perfstat
+ options -p, -t and -i); it is useful when NetApp requests a specific set of parameters
+ be passed to perfstat. All authentication parameters are still handled automatically.
+ + -n causes xnperfstat to submit passive tests results to Nagios (as perfstat service
+ description)
+ + -o <output_file> causes xnperfstat to dump perfstat output to <output_file>. This flag
+ is not allowed when rotation is enabled (-r) or when a NetApp Support case number if
+ provided (-t).
+ + -r causes xnperfstat to rotate perfstat output files.
+ + -t <NAcase> provides a NetApp Support case number, which is used to generate the output
+ file name (<NAcase>.<index>).
+ + -u causes xnperfstat to unlock; when xnperfstat runs in a given mode (see below) and for
+ a give filer, it creates a lock file so as to avoid pileups of perfstat running
+ against one filer. If xnperfstat encounters an error condition it cannot handle, it
+ will leave the lock behind to force operator intervention.
+The xnperfstat configuration file specifies default options. It is a simple text file
+(really, a shell script defining some variable xnperfstat uses to set values.
+Currently this file is at /local/data/filer/etc/xnperfstat.cfg. Edit NAPERFSW_CONFIG to
+change this location.
+XNPERFSW_OPTS: defines authentication options for perfstat
+ default: -S -s i,/root/.ssh/perfstat_dsa -F
+NAPERFSW_PERF_LEVELS: number of performance data samples to keep
+ default: 168 (1 week; 30 min samples)
+NAPERFSW_CONF_LEVELS: number of configuration data samples to keep
+ default: 14 (2 weeks; daily samples)
+NAPERFSW_PERF_OPTS: perfstat performance collection parameters
+ default: -p -t 5 -i 4,1
+NAPERFSW_CONF_OPTS: perfstat configuration collection parameters
+ default: -c -t 1 -i 1
+DEF_PERFSTAT_LEVELS: default number of perfstat samples to keep for NOW
+ default: 25
+# xnperfstat -m "-i 1 -t 1" nap10001
+Performs a perfstat run with the custom perfstat parameters -i 1 -t 1. The perfstat output
+is sent to stdout. Redirect to taste (or use -o).
+# xnperfstat -m "-t 30 -i 1" nap10004
+Performs a perfstat run with the specific parameters "-m 30 -i 1" and sends the output to
+stdout. Redirect to taste.

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