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Ninique's Dollmaker Script

This is a script written with the aid of jQuery, that you can use to create your own dollmaker (dressup game). I made it easy for people to add/remove pieces to the dollmaker, without having to edit the html page overtime (if they have PHP).

This script was designed to be used on a server with PHP. However, it does not require a database, as it works with the file structure. It can also be used on a server that does not have PHP, but that requires more work on your part. Scroll below for more details.

The code has been tested and should be functional in all major browsers. I am not responsible for browser compatibility problems resulting in your customizing of the code.

I am using the following libraries/plugins (The javascript libraries are hosted from Google):


All of the code used in this dollmaker script is licensed under the MIT license. You can use and edit it in any way that you want. A link back would be appreciated, but is not necessary.

The sample bases and clothing provided with this dollmaker are for demonstration purposes only. You must use YOUR OWN basebody and
clothes for dollmakers that you create!

How to use:

If you have PHP on your website, delete the file index_no_php.html. (If you don't have PHP, scroll below for more info)

####Categories (Tabs):#### In the images folder, you'll see some subfolders that are named 1Hair, 2Tops, 3Bottoms, etc. These folders correspond to the tabs in the dollmaker. If you change the name, it'll change what appears on the tab. The number corresponds to the order you want the tabs to appear.

####Props (Clothing & Hair):#### To put props in your dollmaker, just place them within those folders. The filename doesn't matter, but the props will be ordered alphabetically, so you should take that into consideration.

####Bases:#### You can also see that there is a folder called "bases". In it are two folders: full and thumbnails. In "full", you put the bases, in "thumbnails", you put some thumbnails that people can click on. Make sure that each full base and its corresponding thumbnail have the same file name. Just like with clothing, the bases will be ordered alphabetically.

####Layout:#### You may change the layout to your liking by editing mainstylesheet.css. Some of the styles are mandatory for the functionality, and they are marked as so. I have annotated the CSS file so that you can better find your way in it. I encourage you to change the colors to your own!

"But I don't have PHP!"

You can still use the script even if you don't have PHP! It's just not as easy to setup and maintain, since you'll have to do it manually. (all that php does is put the props and images onto the page for you, the drag/drop functionality is handled by jQuery.)

First you'll want to follow the steps above to put all the images into the right folders.

Then, delete the file called index.php and then rename index_no_php.html to index.html.

Now you'll need to add all the image tags to index.html so that the props actually appear on the page. There are further instructions in the comments of index_no_php.html (which you just renamed index.html) to help you put the right codes in the right places, but you should have a basic understanding of HTML.


This is a script written in jQuery and PHP that you can use to make your own dollmakers, also called dressup games. It makes it very easy to setup and maintain your own dollmaker.



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